A friend’s Google alert for evolutionary psychology …

I remember science in Grades Eleven and Twelve. It was about measuring things accurately, estimating according to fixed rules, and – above all – understanding how the laws of physics and the periodic table worked. If I were a Darwinist trying to make some order in my life and career, I would begin by banishing “evolutionary psychology” from any pretense whatever to be a science. I do not know what they can lose, but I can sure see what they would gain.

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The new atheists: Santa’s sleigh came and went, and never gave them what they needed

In The Ottawa Citizen, Robert Sibley advises From New Age cults to murderous fundamentalism, these are dark times for religion, and the ‘new atheists’ are in the ascendant. The problem with their movement is that they don’t understand the source of their hostility … (December 26, 2008) Oh? In the ascendant? In the legacy mainstream […]

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Brownian Motion, Reynolds Number, Supersonic Flight, and the Danger of Mindless Extrapolation

At very small scales, the disturbances caused by the random motion of molecules in a liquid is called Brownian motion. This is why bacterial flagella must spin at such high RsPM (Revolutions Per Minute, not Revolution Per Minutes). They must overcome the random motion of the particles in their watery environment. The propeller on the […]

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Introduction to a Science of God: Fathoming the Intelligence Behind Intelligent Design

This is the first of a series of posts on ‘The Science of God’, aka my response to the charge that ID is indistinguishable from Pastafarianism. Let me start with a familiar Q and A:   Q: What, in a nutshell, is the Darwinist argument against ID? A: First of all, nature doesn’t exhibit the […]