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Coffee’s here!!: The Wikipedians – “a bunch of egocentric introverts”?

Perish the thought. People who say such things had better roll their own party sandwiches, right? Yet Asher Moses for The Age (July 8, 2009) advises, a study by Israeli psychology researchers found “the prosocial behaviour apparent in Wikipedia is primarily connected to egocentric motives … which are not associated with high levels of agreeableness”. Read More…

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Hitler’s Ethic: The Nazi Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress

This should be interesting: Book Description In this book, Weikart helps unlock the mystery of Hitler’s evil by vividly demonstrating the surprising conclusion that Hitler’s immorality flowed from a coherent ethic. Hitler was inspired by evolutionary ethics to pursue the utopian project of biologically improving the human race. This ethic underlay or influenced almost every major feature Read More…


Evolutionary psychology: Why it is finally on the way out, with last year’s magazines

Sharon Begley’s critical look at evolutionary psychology in a recent edition of Newsweek is a must-read for anyone interested in the field. She is hardly the first, but the first to have so wide a non-professional audience for a rational, science-based evaluation of the topic. Many of us have regaled ourselves over the years with the distinct pop-culture sound – more lark than lab, more salon than science.

Intelligent Design

A 30-year old letter to the editor of the Purdue Exponent

I was a visiting assistant professor (math/CS) at Purdue University in 1978-79, when I responded to a letter in the Purdue student newspaper (the Exponent), which compared those who doubt Darwin to “flat earthers”, as follows: “Last year I surveyed the literature on evolution in the biology library of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and found Read More…

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Uncommon Descent: Contest Question 7: Foul anonymous Darwinist blogger exposed. Why so foul?

The guy had successfully hidden his identity for about five years, while posting all kinds of sexually charged abuse to the Internet about many people, including me. But now we know. But Wendy Sullivan, the Girl on the Right, has officially found out who the mysterious Canadian Cynic is. Here is stuff he has said Read More…


Russian Roulette and Pascal’s Wager

According to Allen McNeil the Gallup poll results for American scientists are: Young-Earth Creationist = 5% Guided Evolution = 40% “Naturalistic” Evolution = 55% For members of the National Academy of Sciences*, the results are: Young-Earth Creationist = 3% Guided Evolution = 14% “Naturalistic” Evolution = 83% *data from the Cornell Evolution Project, So Read More…

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Beginnings Of A Personal Conviction

Synopsis Of The First Chapter Of  Signature In The Cell by Stephen Meyer ISBN: 9780061894206; ISBN10: 0061894206; Imprint: HarperCollins In August of 2004, philosopher Stephen Meyer published an article in the Proceedings Of The Biological Society Of Washington.  The article raised media interest and outrage because it was the first to “advance the theory of intelligent design” Read More…