Intelligent Design

They claimed to be wise

Extracted from the UK Telegraph comes the faith creed of modern scientism. “Evolution by natural selection, and all the other processes that produced our planet and the life on it, are sufficient to explain how we got to be the way we are, given the laws of physics that operate in our universe. However, there […]

Culture Darwinism

Media Mum about Deranged Darwinist Gunman

John West of the Discovery Institute Reports: But when a gunman inspired by Darwinism takes hostages at the offices of the Discovery Channel, reporters seem curiously uninterested in fully disclosing the criminal’s own self-described motivations. Most of yesterday’s media reports about hostage-taker James Lee dutifully reported Lee’s eco-extremism and his pathological hatred for humanity. But […]

Evolutionary biology Evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary psychology gets busted by the morality squad?

Caroline Crocker, of American Institute for Science and Technology Education (AITSE), writes me to comment, Scientific Integrity and Dr. Hauser Can being disorganized lead to scientific fame? Harvard University scientist Marc Hauser became famous for his work in cognitive evolution. As a psychologist who investigates the neurological basis for morality and works with primates and […]