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Can imagination be quantified in a science-based way?

From Suzan Mazur at HuffPost: (What Would Warhol Say?) Jonathan Schooler: The Science of Imagination Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory? Not unimaginable. In any case, the John Templeton Foundation, with $5.6M or so from its deep pockets, has given birth to the Imagination Institute—-a Philadelphia think tank that for the last two years has been […]

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Retro: Stephen Hawking warns of evil space aliens

From Charlie Martin at PJ Media: Hawking is certainly the most famous theoretical physicist since Albert Einstein, and rightly so, as he’s been very creative, developed theoretical ideas that have turned out to explain real physical observations — as well a a lot which haven’t been physically verified — and has done so while setting […]

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Biophysicist: Order can arise from nothing! I have evidence! – Rob Sheldon replies

From Natalie Wolchover at Quanta: The biophysicist Jeremy England made waves in 2013 with a new theory that cast the origin of life as an inevitable outcome of thermodynamics. His equations suggested that under certain conditions, groups of atoms will naturally restructure themselves so as to burn more and more energy, facilitating the incessant dispersal […]

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Math vs. Darwinian evolution

From Robert Marks II, author (with Dembski and Ewert) of Evolutionary Informatics at Evolution News & Views: On a new episode of ID the Future, CSC Director of Communications Rob Crowther talks with Robert Marks, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University, about Marks’s new book, Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, which makes […]

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Huge science frauds uncovered in China

From Bob Grant at The Scientist: After a sweeping research misconduct investigation, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) has found nearly 500 researchers guilty of engaging in a peer-review fraud scam. Announced late last week (July 27), MST’s findings indicate that 486 scientific paper authors engaged, to some degree, in a scheme to nominate […]

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Tiny molecular machines that keep chromosome numbers correct have been identified

From ScienceDaily:“During cell division, a mother cell divides into two daughter cells, and during this process the DNA in the mother cell, wrapped up in the form of chromosomes, is divided into two equal sets. To achieve this, rope-like structures called microtubules capture the chromosomes at a special site called the kinetochore, and pull the […]

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Fan worm eyes evolved independently of their other visual systems

From ScienceDaily: Scientists examining the multiple eyes found on the tentacles of fan worms have discovered they evolved independently from their other visual systems, specifically to support the needs of their lifestyle. Fan worms live in tubes on the seafloor. From their heads, the worms extend feather-like tentacles up out of their tubes to sift […]

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Cosmic inflation theory outgrows the scientific method

And thrives anyway. From Denyse O’Leary (O’Leary for News) at Evolution News & Views: Two features of our universe puzzle cosmologists: One is the horizon problem: The universe looks the same in all directions and the cosmic microwave background radiation is about the same temperature everywhere. As String Theory for Dummies puts it, “This really […]

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Comb jellies: Evidence that if evolution began again, intelligence would re-emerge?

A bold claim from Pam Weintraub at Aeon: The ctenophore’s brain suggests that, if evolution began again, intelligence would re-emerge because nature repeats itself The ctenophore was already known for having a relatively advanced nervous system; but these first experiments by Moroz showed that its nerves were constructed from a different set of molecular building […]

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Reviews of Tom Wolfe’s Kingdom of Speech actually “get” what he is trying to say

Just trying to get it is more than some might expect. From Peter Wood, Geoffrey Clarfield, Gwyneth Custred, and Carol Iannone at National Association of Scholars (NAS),  The The Kingdom of Speech is an extraordinary display of intellectual independence.[1] This is a book that treats Charles Darwin as a toplofty prig and Noam Chomsky as a […]

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Why much science reporting is on the way out, along with the traditional media that support it

From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views: The science story itself is fascinating and to all appearances solid. Human remains dating to some 3,700 year ago from ancient Canaanites yielded DNA revealing a startling overlap with modern-day Lebanese. The latter thus appear to harbor descendants of the long-ago population (“Continuity and Admixture in the […]