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Science, free speech and climate change

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Why you should care how the debate is conducted:

It is well worth the ten minutes or so it takes to read this American Thinker post by Norman Rogers from a couple of weeks ago that reviews the work of Roy Spencer, John Christy, and others on the question of climate sensitivity, which we have covered here several times in the past. And while this review of the devastating findings of Spencer and company, and how the climate establishment reacted to try to suppress dissenting views, makes this piece worth a read by itself, the most significant part of Rogers’s post is the news item buried toward the end that Texas A & M University imposes a climate orthodoxy loyalty oath on faculty in its climate science department:

Texas A&M has a large atmospheric sciences department. On their website there are 22 tenured and tenure track faculty. What is really unusual about the department is that all the regular faculty are seemingly required to sign a global warming loyalty oath called the climate change statement. Every faculty member except one new arrival has signed. None of the lowly adjunct faculty’s names appear.

But of course it had to end this way. These efforts at world saving always do end in attacks on one’s own neighbours.

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By the way, it is dam cold where most UD news staff live No really, it is. Global warming never really happened, so we never got to market Caribbean vacations just around the corner, no customs hassles.

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