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West Africans usually know better than to …

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… give a chimp a gun:

kairosfocus is likely right. Those guys, drunk as they were (I'm guessing), would perhaps not have given the chimp a gun they knew was loaded. But how could they be sure there weren't live bullets accidentally mixed in with the blanks? So they scattered. Yes, keep posted re the film. I hope it avoids the heavy-handed moralizing of some predecessors. News
The ultimate irony of "Planet of the Apes" is that we are the apes. Mung
I was expecting Richard Strauss' "Sunrise." Chimp over man, the war begins. Maybe Planet of the Apes was prophetic? er....no. CannuckianYankee
Iain M. Banks Peter F. Hamilton Alastair Reynolds David Weber Mung
Aah great example of primate tool use. jub
PS: What about the language? kairosfocus
Aha! And a Sci Fic fan. (I used to be a fan for Asimov. Now I monitor Baen to see what games are afoot. I think, e.g. the Honorverse is subtly deeply disturbing.) kairosfocus
KF: I'm pretty sure this is hype for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". The research team is '20th Century Fox Research Library'. --- Possible off-topic Sidenote: as a Sci Fi fan... Totally hyped for said movie! - Sonfaro Sonfaro
Well, sure; and I hope so. But it was still funny. Ilion
Fatally -- as in Darwinian self- elimination -- stupid. If, it is real. I have my doubts. Probably, at minimum, blanks. kairosfocus
Oh, man! That was funny. Ilion

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