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He said it: “[t]he universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but pitiless indifference” — professor Richard Dawkins’ cynical manipulation of our moral sensibilities

In recent days, UD contributor Dr V J Torley has rightly taken atheism advocate, professor Richard Dawkins to task for cynical manipulation of our moral sensibilities in his public accusations against Christian philosopher-theologian, Dr William Lane Craig. And that, patently to avoid having to account through a public debate for his many acid fulminations against […]

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ID Foundations, 9: Cause, necessity/contingency vs. sufficiency/determinism, the observed (fine tuned . . . ) cosmos and design theory

In recent exchanges, design objector RH7, has made objections to the concept of cause, regarding it as an outmoded, deterministic and classical (in the bad sense) view. Since this is now clearly yet another line of objection to design inference on detection of credible causal factors, we need to add a response to this to […]

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FOLLOW UP: Have we profoundly misunderstood Harvard Evolutionary Biologist Richard Lewontin in his Jan 1997 NYRB article, “Billions and Billions of Demons”?, PART 2

On October 16, in response to a comment by frequent UD commenter Dr Liddle to the effect that we have misunderstood Harvard prof Lewontin in the infamous 1997 NYRB article snippet, I did a markup of the snippet highlighting fourteen points of concern: ______________ >> . . . to put a correct view of the […]

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Have we profoundly misunderstood Harvard Evolutionary Biologist Richard Lewontin in his Jan 1997 NYRB article, “Billions and Billions of Demons”?

In the current Computer Simulations thread, Dr Liddle has challenged me as follows, that I profoundly misunderstand prof Lewontin’s 1997 NYRB article that crops up so often at UD: . . . as I have said several times, I don’t think it means what you think it means. In fact I’m sure you are misinterpreting […]

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ID Foundations, 8: Switcheroo — the error of asserting without adequate observational evidence that the design of life (from OOL on) is achievable by small, chance- driven, success- reinforced increments of complexity leading to the iconic tree of life

[UD ID Founds Series, cf. Bartlett on IC] Ever since Dawkins’ Mt Improbable analogy, a common argument of design objectors has been that such complex designs as we see in life forms can “easily” be achieved incrementally, by steps within plausible reach of chance processes, that are then stamped in by success, i.e. by hill-climbing. […]

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An exchange at UD on dFSCI — digitally coded, functionally specific complex information — as an empirically and analytically reliable sign of design as cause

  Functionally specific, complex information and associated information [FSCO/I]  — especially, digitally coded FSCI [dFSCI] — are seen as two of the strongest signs of design as cause. For instance, when you see this post, you do not wonder or debate the odds of different letters being strung by chance [e.g. e in English is […]

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Michael Shermer of Skeptic magazine vs. “turtles all the way down . . .”

UD’s resident journalist, Mrs Denise O’Leary, notes on how Mr Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine and Scientific American (etc.) has written on his new book, The Believing Brain: Why Science Is the Only Way Out of Belief-Dependent Realism: . . . skepticism is a sine qua non of science, the only escape we have from […]

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NOTICE: Updating thoughts on Schaeffer’s work — Thanks a mil, StephenB

After a fruitful discussion with StephenB, I have updated my recent post —What was the alleged “Dominionist” theologian, Francis Schaeffer, doing back in the 1950′s – 80′s?  — especially in light of evidence he has brought to bear from Aquinas’ corpus. Note especially how I have adjusted Sawyer’s summary to highlight the points of correction, […]


What was the alleged “Dominionist” theologian, Francis Schaeffer, doing back in the 1950’s – 80’s?

One of the recent brouhahas in the rising “silly season” of the 2012 US election cycle, is how certain ID-friendly candidates such as Mrs Michelle Bachmann, are allegedly Christo-fascist “Dominionists” influenced by that nefarious “Dominionist,” the late theologian, Francis Schaeffer. All of this is in a context where, in the recent Aug 17, 2011 B4U-ACT […]

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Should ID abandon attempts to explain the origin of first biological life? (Not to mention, any other origins related matter . . . ?)

In a recent comment in a thread discussing his/her claim that ID in inferring design of first life must either face an infinite regress or else tries to explain first life by a self-contradiction [first life from prior life and/or from non-living intelligence], design theory objector FG (in ducking out of further discussion) says: Barry […]