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A physicist reflects on the end of space accomplishment – now that speculation has replaced exploration

The gradual shutdown of accomplishment is described here. Our physicist author, Rob Sheldon, offers UD News a guide, speaking only for himself, in the hope it may help you interpret rapidly spun news stories. Since you asked what it means, let me try my best analysis, though I speak only for myself and perhaps some […]


At end of the “space race” era, speculation replaces exploration, as key accomplishment?

In “Shuttles’ end stirs doubts about U.S. space program,” Irene Klotz (News Daily, 2011/07/06) reports CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, July 6, 2011 (Reuters) — As the clock ticks down to this week’s final space shuttle launch, there is a mounting sense of uncertainty about future U.S. dominance in space. [ … ] … veteran former astronauts […]

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Theory of bird flight evolution a flight from reality?

At Creation-Evolution Headlines, we hear that the story that bird flight evolved from “flap running” has been resurrected in the pop science media. Must be summer. (“Flap Over Flight Evolution” (June 26, 2011): This just-so story is so lame, it should be a huge embarrassment to the Darwin Party. These guys don’t understand evolutionary theory […]

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New vid uses authentic clips to taunt Richard Dawkins for refusing to debate William Lane Craig

This vid is a comic rip on the theme of Darwinian atheist Richard Dawkins framed as coward for refusing to debate Christian apologist William Lane Craig, on a United Kingdom speaking tour: Voiceover: “It’s not often that one atheist accuses another of cowardice for refusing to debate a Christian; it’ even rarer when both are […]

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Evolution is to biology what the Second Law of Thermodynamics is to physical sciences?

David Penny, the New Zealand evolutionary biologist at New Zealand’s Massey University who is trying to save Darwinism by claiming that Darwin attached no importance to the Tree of Life is, it must be said, one convinced Darwinist. In “20 Points on the structure and testability of Darwin’s theory” ( Biology International: Evolution in Action, […]

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How Darwinists cope with being completely, utterly wrong

When suppression fails, they rewrite history. In “Darwin’s Theory of Descent with Modification, versus the Biblical Tree of Life,” Massey University molecular biologist David Penny admits that Darwin did not coin the expression “Tree of Life,” as in “Darwin’s Tree of Life”: There is a strong urban myth that Charles Darwin introduced and/or advocated a […]


Design: A road wreck on the way to complete understanding of (control of) the brain?

In “Robustness and fault tolerance make brains harder to study,” Shyam Srinivasan and Charles F Stevens (BMC Biology 2011, 9:46 | doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-46) explain the impediments to complete understanding of what is going on in a brain, examining a recent study of a crab neural network (Jomah crab or Cancer borrealis): Abstract: Brains increase the survival […]

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Non-materialist neuroscience: “You can’t fire your brain but you can retrain it.”

Non-materialist neuroscience: “You can’t fire your brain but you can retrain it.” Here’s an interview with a non-materialist neuroscientist, Jeffrey Schwartz, who is friendly to ID covers what’s wrong with materialism in neuroscience, and introduces a non-materialist approach to the treatment of phobias, compulsions, and addictions, as used in his new book, You arenot your […]