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Sharing is learned in humans, not chimps, study says

From “Collaboration Encourages Equal Sharing in Children but Not in Chimpanzees ScienceDaily (July 22, 2011)” (ScienceDaily, July 22, 2011) we learn: Adult humans produce a vast majority of their resources in cooperative work with others. Moreover, they generally try to distribute them based on norms of fairness and equity. With regard to children, previous studies […]

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Religion correlates with lower IQ among American teenagers?

From “Does religion rot teenagers’ brains?” (MercatorNet, 25 July 2011): Recently, we looked at a claim, published in a serious science journal, Intelligence, that belief in God correlates worldwide with lower IQ. From the same journal in the same year, we learned that religion correlates with lower IQ among American teenagers. [ …] If half […]

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With so many retractions of science journal papers, it’s easy to get carried away …

In “Longevity Paper Retracted: A study that identified several genes linked to extremely long life has been retracted due to technical errors in the sequencing chips used,” Tia Ghose reports for The Scientist (July 21, 2011): For instance, one requirement that Science says the authors didn’t meet was the replication of the original paper findings […]

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David Tyler asks, “How SHOULD the NSF measure scientific literacy?”

At Access Research Network (7/22/11). And offers an answer: For 20 years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has undertaken surveys of science literacy that incorporate these two true-false statements: “Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals”, and “The universe began with a huge explosion”. Happily, changes have been recommended, […]

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Darwin in the schools: Canadians are always at their worst when playing “me too!”

According to the US Darwin lobby, the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Adds its Voice for Evolution: The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with a statement from the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, which works to promote the study of ecology and evolution in Canada and to raise public […]

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What might the recent treasure trove from the Ice Age in North America tell us?

Troy Hooper reports on the discovery of “the finest mastodon site in the world” in Colorado in 2010 in “Curtains close on scientifically significant Snowmass bone dig …’” (Real Aspen, July 10, 2011): The fossil excavation at Ziegler Reservoir came to a close a couple of days ago, yielding an Ice Age ecosystem of 4,826 […]