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Cosmology Intelligent Design

Can combining the multiverse with the “many worlds” theory save current cosmology?

In “When the multiverse and many-worlds collide” (New Scientist, 01 June 2011), Justin Mullins explains, Two of the strangest ideas in modern physics – that the cosmos constantly splits into parallel universes in which every conceivable outcome of every event happens, and the notion that our universe is part of a larger multiverse – have […]

Evolutionary psychology Intelligent Design

How did evolutionary psychology’s “novel predictions” fare?

In “The Social Psychological Narrative — or — What Is Social Psychology, Anyway? A Conversation With Timothy D. Wilson” (Edge (June 16, 2011), Wilson, a researcher into consciousness, comments on evolutionary psychology, taking on one of its most widely quoted exponents, Steve Pinker: To be clear, evolutionary theory is obviously true and has added to […]

Intelligent Design Video

Video and comments: Does ID guy Paul Nelson believe Earth is only 6,000 years old?

Here’s David Berlinski and Paul Nelson on Ricochet, interviewed by Berlinski’s daughter Claire Berlinski: I asked my father and Paul Nelson to reply to as many of your questions about the Great Expectations conference as they could–beginning with the obvious: “Is it true that Paul Nelson believes that the world is only 6,000 years old?” […]


Sparrow weavers: Social status determines extent of sex differences

At ScienceDaily, we learn that while “the brains of all vertebrates display gender-related differences,” Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen have now demonstrated for the first time in the white-browed sparrow weaver, an African songbird, that the extent of these sex differences in the brain varies according to social status, and […]

Intelligent Design

News from “Darwinworld” increasingly mocked?

Here, Dave Coppedge handily summarizes and comments on the news from DarwinWorld, everything from “how the skunk got its stripes” to why superstitions “actually make evolutionary sense.” Of course, superstitions make evolutionary sense – in Darwinworld, the distinction between fact and “useful” fantasy disappears. Interestngly, Coppedge notes, One encouraging sign is that more readers seem […]

Darwinism Evolution

Two views about how Darwinism stays in place, with but one difference …

“It is now blasphemy to criticise Darwin.” Some months ago an American philosopher explained to a highly sophisticated audience in Britain what, in his opinion, was wrong, indeed fatally wrong, with the standard neo-Darwinian theory of biological evolution. He made it crystal clear that his criticism was not inspired by creationism, intelligent design or any […]

Cosmology Intelligent Design

Warning: Before you “dismantle” fine-tuned universe, read directions

In “Why the universe wasn’t fine-tuned for life” (New Scientist, 08 June 2011), Marcus Chown tells us that Victor Stenger’s new The Fallacy of Fine-tuning “dismantles arguments that the laws of physics in our universe were ‘fine-tuned’ to foster life.”: If the force of gravity were a few per cent weaker, it would not squeeze […]

Evolutionary psychology Intelligent Design

Do you remember the psychology hoax before “evolutionary” psychology?

Before the Evolutionary Agony Aunt, Darwinian Brand Marketing, and thousands of dim frosh learning the “real” reasons people pray or why we don’t throw granny under the bus? Think back. Think waaay back (if you can) to Wilhelm Reich, once the science darling of the Establishment, with a single, simple idea that governed everything: The […]

Darwinism Evolution Informatics

Is cell biologist James Shapiro a heretic? Or is this the year Darwinism collapsed?

Look what University of Chicago’s James Shapiro is saying, New research has shown that a novel way of looking at evolution is needed. Cells are sensitive and communicative information processing entities. Novelty in evolution comes in part from genome changes that are the result of regulated cellular activity. The next step in the understanding of […]

Extraterrestrial life Intelligent Design Origin Of Life

What won’t we pay to find out the origin of life?

In 2000, a man gathered two lbs of rock from a meteorite that crashed into the ice on Tagish Lake, in northern British Columbia, Canada. He kept them frozen until, in 2008, a Canadian research consortium bought them. In “Meteorite hints at life’s origins: As debate continues to swirl around arsenic-loving bacteria, a space rock […]

Animal minds Intelligent Design

Bird tool use study provides answers – and questions

In “Clever Tool Use in Parrots and Crows”, (ScienceDaily, June 13, 2011) , we learn: Parrots and Corvids frequently astonish researchers investigating animal intelligence, in particular when it comes to solving technical problems. The New Caledonian crow (Corvus monduloides), for example, manufactures and uses elongated objects such as sticks or pieces of Pandanus leaves as […]