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3.6 million year old rhino found: Adapted to Ice Age because it was “primitive”?

From “Woolly Rhino Fossil Discovery in Tibet Provides Important Clues to Evolution of Ice Age Giants” (ScienceDaily, Sep. 2, 2011), we learn: A new paper published in the journal Science reveals the discovery of a primitive woolly rhino fossil in the Himalayas, which suggests some giant mammals first evolved in present-day Tibet before the beginning […]

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Genetics paper retracted: “Some other mechanism” is responsible for genetic mutations

In “Genetics Paper Retracted: Due to statistical errors, a Science paper claiming that mutation is responsible for genetic variation is retracted” (The Scientist September 2, 2011), Jessica P. Johnson reports, A May 2010 Science paper showing that the most genetically fit cow-pea weevils have fewer deleterious genetic mutations in their genomes than their less fit […]

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Mark Steyn remembers the 1995 Apollo 13 movie because …

… Apollo 18 is set to launch in theatres: “There’s a reason we’ve never gone back to the moon.” (Yes. Speculation is cheaper, and the public doesn’t care any more. But that’s no thriller plot.) Here’s Mark on Apollo 13 (02 September 2011): The scenes in space are great, simultaneously claustrophobic and panoramic: a pokey […]

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Complex tools discovered from 350,000 years earlier than expected

In “Stone tools shed light on early human migrations” (Nature, August 31, 2011), Matt Kaplan tells us that “Hominins with different tool-making technologies coexisted,” The axes, found in Kenya by Christopher Lepre, a palaeontologist at Columbia University in New York, and his team are estimated to be around 1.76 million years old. That’s 350,000 years […]