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Monkeys: Doesn’t anyone get tired of this?

From Victoria Gill (BBC, 22 July 2011), we learn: “Mandrill monkey makes ‘pedicuring’ tool”: Scientists from Durham University, UK, filmed the mandrill stripping a twig and using the resulting tool to clean under its toenails. “A crude “pedicure” carried out by a mandrill at Chester Zoo suggests the monkeys are capable of more advanced tool […]

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Book offers to settle debates re evolution

Here. Alan R. Rogers tells us in The Evidence for Evolution According to polling data, most Americans doubt that evolution is a real phenomenon. And it’s no wonder that so many are skeptical: many of today’s biology courses and textbooks dwell on the mechanisms of evolution—natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flow—but say little about […]

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Oxygen found in deep space

This is a serious science story, not like this one. From MSNBC, we learn: “Breathe easier: Oxygen molecules found in deep space: For first time, after nearly 230-year search, they turn up in region of Orion nebula.” Which solves a mystery: “Oxygen is the third-most-common element in the universe and its molecular form must be […]


We are living in a giant hologram, or a giant trailer filled with poop, or whatever Stephen Hawking says we are living in

So says Ars Technica at Wired (August 1, 2011) “Hawking used quantum theory to derive a result that was at odds with quantum theory,” as Nobel Laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft described the situation. Still, that wasn’t all bad; it created a paradox and “Paradoxes make physicists happy.” “It was very hard to see what was wrong […]

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Michele Bachmann, ID-friendly US prez contender now defined as “feminist”

In Washington Post, along with (also ID-friendly) Palin: Religion historian Marie Griffith has been watching this shift, and recently wrote an essay titled “The New Evangelical Feminism of Bachmann and Palin.” She caught all kinds of heat from feminists on the left who say that neither Bachmann nor Palin, whom some have dubbed “the spiritual […]