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Design: A road wreck on the way to complete understanding of (control of) the brain?

In “Robustness and fault tolerance make brains harder to study,” Shyam Srinivasan and Charles F Stevens (BMC Biology 2011, 9:46 | doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-46) explain the impediments to complete understanding of what is going on in a brain, examining a recent study of a crab neural network (Jomah crab or Cancer borrealis): Abstract: Brains increase the survival […]

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Non-materialist neuroscience: “You can’t fire your brain but you can retrain it.”

Non-materialist neuroscience: “You can’t fire your brain but you can retrain it.” Here’s an interview with a non-materialist neuroscientist, Jeffrey Schwartz, who is friendly to ID covers what’s wrong with materialism in neuroscience, and introduces a non-materialist approach to the treatment of phobias, compulsions, and addictions, as used in his new book, You arenot your […]

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Non-supernatural ID?: University of Chicago microbiologist James Shapiro works with ID guys, dismisses Darwinism, offers third way

And people are talking about it. In this vid and pdf from his lecture at the university’s Graham School (October 2010), he lays out his thinking: 4. The DNA record tells us that major steps in genome evolution have involved rapid genome-wide changes.5. We know of molecular processes that allow us to think scientifically about […]

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Now, if only these 32 thousand-year-old Gravettians had left some writings behind

In “Early human fossils unearthed in Ukraine” (BBC News , 20 June 2011), Jennifer Carpenter tells us, Ancient remains uncovered in Ukraine represent some of the oldest evidence of modern people in Europe, experts have claimed.Archaeologists found human bones and teeth, tools, ivory ornaments and animal remains at the Buran-Kaya cave site. The 32,000-year-old fossils […]