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Comprehensive gene map discovery: Humans have similar brains

In “First Comprehensive Gene Map of the Human Brain: More Than 90 Percent Similarity Among Humans” (ScienceDaily, Apr. 13, 2011), we learn: In developing the Allen Human Brain Atlas, the Allen Institute has now thoroughly characterized and mapped the biochemistry of two normal adult human brains, providing opportunities for scientists to study the brain with […]

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The devil has left Dover, and was last spotted in Nashville

At Religion Dispatches, Laurie “Devil in Dover” Lebo reports, “Anti-Science Bill Passes Tennessee House”: The bill, which has yet to pass the Senate, would require teachers to be helped “to find effective ways to present the science curriculum as it addresses scientific controversies.” It also says that teachers may not be prohibited from “helping students […]


Darwin womb to tomb: Darwinism and abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia

Richard Weikart’s essay, “A History of the Impact of Darwinism on Bioethics”* appears in 150 Years of Evolution: Darwin’s Impact of Contemporary Thought and Culture, showing the way that Darwinism has impacted discourse on eugenics, infanticide, euthanasia, etc.: In November 2009, scholars representing academic disciplines from across the globe gathered at San Diego State University […]


He said it: Science needs to fail to advance?

At National Public Radio, Marcelo Gleiser asks (April 6, 2011), “Can Scientists Overreach?”.Glieser, a theoretical physicist, offers an appreciation of Marilynne Robinson’s Yale lectures, offering: For science to advance it needs to fail. The truths of today will not be the truths of tomorrow. For example, … Lord Kelvin remarked in 1900 that there were […]

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They said it: Why did two materialist atheists write a book against Darwinism?

“A view that looks to contradict it, either directly or by implication, is ipso facto rejected, however plausible it may otherwise seem.” You might reasonably wonder whether writing a critique of the classical Darwinist programme is worth the effort at this late date. Good friends in ‘wet’ biology tell us that none of them is […]


Bio-Complexity paper: Similarity of enzyme structure does not guarantee ease of interconversion

Doug Axe and Ann Gauger have a new peer-reviewed paper up at BIO-Complexity which provides a quantifiable measure of how many mutations are required for a relatively simple biological innovation – the functional conversion of one enzyme to that of its closest structural neighbor. The authors argue that their results show that similarity of structure […]