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Telic Thoughts advises us of sad news re award-winning geneticist George Church

Here. Oh goodness, Church is okay! Except for the fact that Jerry Why Evolution Is True Coyne is mad at him. Can the man hope to live under those circumstances? Church said in response to a question, Is there evidence of God in science? Some people feel that science and faith have nothing in common. But a Read More…

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Karl Popper never really retracted his skeptical view of Darwinism

According to John Horgan, who hates ID types: In A Dubitable Darwin? Why Some Smart, Nonreligious People Doubt the Theory of Evolution, John Horgan writes (Jul 6, 2010), The philosopher Daniel Dennett once called the theory of evolution by natural selection “the single best idea anyone has ever had.” I’m inclined to agree. But Darwinism Read More…

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Plant genetics: Getting past Arabidopsis

From ScienceDaily, we learn: “Enzymes for Cell Wall Synthesis Conserved Across Species Barriers” (July 14, 2011): Due to its short lifecycle and biological simplicity, Arabidopsis is extremely useful for research, but lacks economic potential. Persson and his colleagues would therefore like to apply the knowledge gained from the research on this plant to other more Read More…

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“Cutting journals out of scientific publishing to a large extent would be unconditionally a good thing”

At Genomes Unzipped: Personal Public Genomics, Joe Pickrell starts another round of “What’s wrong with peer review,” raising the stakes: He asks, “Why publish science in peer-reviewed journals?” (13/07/2011), arguing In this post, I will argue that cutting journals out of scientific publishing to a large extent would be unconditionally a good thing, and that Read More…

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New blog: Darwinism is dead but won’t lie down

Here’s a new, UK-based blog, The Darwin Deception, Darwinism as an explanation for life is dead. The final death blow was administered by discoveries about intracellular nanomachinery, which amply satisfy Darwin’s own test of falsification. Dead, but it won’t lie down. … Dude: Darwinism and a multitude of other dead ideas and popular delusions are Read More…

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Great entertainment at Creation-Evolution Headlines from the sinkhole of …

collapsing Darwinism. Here’s one:

Evolutionize your life. Religion is well known for offering people peace and meaning. What does Darwin have to offer? A lot, thinks one militant theistic evolutionist whose mission is to help Darwinian evolution gain acceptance in churches. Michael Dowd and his wife Connie Barlow have produced a self-help course on a website called “Evolutionize Your Life.”