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Peer review

“Cutting journals out of scientific publishing to a large extent would be unconditionally a good thing”

At Genomes Unzipped: Personal Public Genomics, Joe Pickrell starts another round of “What’s wrong with peer review,” raising the stakes: He asks, “Why publish science in peer-reviewed journals?” (13/07/2011), arguing In this post, I will argue that cutting journals out of scientific publishing to a large extent would be unconditionally a good thing, and that Read More…

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New blog: Darwinism is dead but won’t lie down

Here’s a new, UK-based blog, The Darwin Deception, Darwinism as an explanation for life is dead. The final death blow was administered by discoveries about intracellular nanomachinery, which amply satisfy Darwin’s own test of falsification. Dead, but it won’t lie down. … Dude: Darwinism and a multitude of other dead ideas and popular delusions are Read More…

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Great entertainment at Creation-Evolution Headlines from the sinkhole of …

collapsing Darwinism. Here’s one:

Evolutionize your life. Religion is well known for offering people peace and meaning. What does Darwin have to offer? A lot, thinks one militant theistic evolutionist whose mission is to help Darwinian evolution gain acceptance in churches. Michael Dowd and his wife Connie Barlow have produced a self-help course on a website called “Evolutionize Your Life.”

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The truth about “chimp language capabilities” …

Which professional communicators always suspected. The guy who worked with Nim Chimpsky, Herbert Terrace, speaks honestly* about his research here. The language didn’t materialize. A human baby starts out mostly imitating, then begins to string words together. Nim didn’t learn. His three-sign combinations — such as ‘eat me eat’ or ‘play me Nim’ — were Read More…

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In a Darwinian multiverse, Eugene Koonin could be both right and wrong an infinite number of times

In “The origin and early evolution of eukaryotes in the light of phylogenomics” (Genome Biology 2010, 11:209 ) Eugene V Koonin argues for endosymbiosis (organisms ingest other organisms, but the latter remain alive and provide a new function for the whole) to explain eukaryotes (complex cells, not bacteria): Phylogenomics of eukaryote supergroups suggest a highly Read More…


With yer coffee: “No limit to holography’s reach”

In “Hologram revolution: The theory changing all physics” (New Scientist, 13 July 2011), Jessica Griggs asks ,

How would you feel if you were told that everything you did today – drinking your morning latte, your commute, your post-work jog – was a holographic projection of another, flat version of you living on a two-dimensional “surface” at the edge of this universe?


Bacteria smarter than us?

In “Bacteria Flash Like Christmas Lights,” Sara Reardon (Science NOW, 14 July 2011) tells us: Like little batteries, bacteria have two charges: positive on the outside of their cell membranes, negative on the inside. And as with batteries, this division of charge is their power source. By pumping protons across their membrane, bacteria can make Read More…