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Darwinism Evolution

James Shapiro’s book is scaring at least one Darwinist

In “Yet another “post-Darwinism,” Evolving Thoughts complains about Shapiro’s Evolution:/a> A view from the 21st century thusly: Over the years there have been many books that purport to “radically revise” or “supplant” Darwinian evolutionary biology; they come with predictable regularity. Usually they are of three kinds: something is wrong with natural selection, something is wrong Read More…

Design inference

Texas Lottery revisited – why the Lottery can’t afford to highlight a design inference

The Commission claimed lucky stars instead of vowing to catch cheats. Okay: We know it’s not lucky stars. They’re not claiming the customer cheated either. BUT, had the customer spied or otherwise interfered with the process, they could certainly have claimed that, and laid charges. So … the logical inference is that they had a code and she broke it. Not?

Culture Darwinism

Feminists defend ID-friendly Bachmann: “Who has ever called a man ‘The King of Rage?’”

Readers may recall U.S. prez hopeful Michele Bachmann, who is sympathetic to intelligent design: In “The National Organization of Women defends Bachmann against Newsweek” (Daily Caller, August 8, 2011) Caroline May reports, “It’s sexist,” NOW president Terry O’Neill told TheDC. “Casting her in that expression and then adding ‘The Queen of Rage’ I think [it Read More…

Intelligent Design

Franz Kafka’s faceless bureaucrat explains everything you need to know to live in peace with materialism and scientism

A friend at ProgettoCosmo, the Italian ID site, writes to remind us of J. P. Moreland’s dictum: “There will never be a natural explanation for consciousness from matter, period.” Moreland is arguing from principle, that is, putting forward an argument from impossibility: “There will never be…” is not “it is unlikely…”. But what happens when Moreland, Read More…