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A Second Look at the Second Law

My article “A Second Look at the Second Law,” accepted by Applied Mathematics Letters in January, was, as some of you know, withdrawn at the last moment by the editor, not because of any alleged errors, but because “our editors simply found that it does not consist of the kind of content that we are […]

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Retractions file: California Academy of Science Journal published Darwin lobbyist Eugenie Scott’s retraction of false claim (2005)

While writing “New York Times reports on Darwinist’s article disowned by philosophy journal,” I got the sense there was a similar case way back when that went unheralded. (Note: Times writer Mark Oppenheimer linked to this blog from his blog, for clarification on the fact that the ID community was not conspiring against Forrest to vindicate […]

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Brown bag: Darwinists trade broomsticks for calendars in effort to vindicate “no homework” prof

Yes, really. Recently, in a guest edited issue of philosophy journal Synthese, anti-ID Louisiana U prof Barbara Forrest broomsticked – of all people – Baylor prof Frank Beckwith, framed as an ID supporter. And anyone who keeps up with the issues knows he isn’t. The scandal here is that Forrest is supposed to be a […]