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Will Evolution Weekend Sermons Discuss Alleged Murderer Amy Bishop?

Today is the closing day of “Evolution Weekend”. The weekend is promoted by The clergy letter project. This is a weekend dedicated to glorifying Darwinism in churches. Curiously one of the scientists on call to help clergy and parishioners promote the glories of Darwinism was Amy Bishop, she is listed here: Name: Amy Bishop, Ph.D. Read More…

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Jason Rosenhouse on Stephen Barr’s “First Things” Publication on ID

I’d like to critique Jason Rosenhouse’s critique of Stephen Barr’s critique of ID. I know, round and round we go, where we stop, no one knows. Rosenhouse appreciates the first paragraph of Barr’s analysis, but is disappointed with the rest. I am disappointed with it all. But Rosenhouse does make a few good points in Read More…

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Do We Need God To Do Science?

Premier Radio, one of the UK’s leading Christian radio stations, has been featuring several interviews/debates in recent weeks on matters related to ID, some of which have been flagged here and here. The most recent one bears the title of this post and was aired last weekend (6th Feb), in which I debated the question Read More…

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“Hijacking Science” — February issue of WHISTLEBLOWER

Check it out here. Scientific hubris, especially with Climategate and evolution, has reached a breaking point. I expect the corruption of science will find increasing exposure in coming days. ———————————————- Issue highlights include: “What do scientists know?” by Joseph Farah, on the difference between a scientific consensus and a political one “History of climate gets Read More…

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“Overwhelming Scientific Evidence” yet again

Whenever I hear the phrase “overwhelming evidence” or “overwhelming scientific evidence,” my antennae go up and I know that someone is trying to sell me something. Last night, if you were watching the networks, you heard the following remark: I know that there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change. Read More…

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Frank Turek Apologetics Simulcast Tonight on the “Youth Exodus”

Tonight my friend Frank Turek will be interviewing me as well as other Christian apologists (such as William Lane Craig and Josh McDowell). Below are the details. ========================== This Tuesday, January 19th I’ll be hosting a live radio and internet simulcast event called Church Dropout:  Overcoming the Youth Exodus.  The producers tell me that this program will draw an Read More…

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California Lawmaker demands answers over museum censorship

Apparently round two of the controversy over the California’s Science Center’s cancellation of Darwin’s Dilemma is getting ready to take place. This was reported and discussed here back in October, as well as here and here in December. Now, a California State Senator is calling the constitutionality of the censorship into question.

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National Academy of Sciences Bestows Its Biggest Honor on [drum roll please] … Eugenie Scott!!!

I’m heartened to see our tax dollars working to such good effect: Date: Jan.11, 2010 Contacts: Maureen O’Leary, Director of Public Information Luwam Yeibio, Media Relations Assistant Office of News and Public Information 202-334-2138; e-mail FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Eugenie C. Scott to Receive Public Welfare Medal, Academy’s Most Prestigious Award WASHINGTON — The National Academy Read More…


Intelligent design and elite culture: These are the people who invented silk stockings for men, so what should I expect?

Trust the French to turn efforts to “control” Internet communications into a cruel comedy. PARIS — Dominique Broueilh is an unlikely cyberdelinquent, much less a political dissident. But earlier this year, Ms. Broueilh, 50, a homemaker and mother of three, found herself the target of a police investigation and a lawsuit from a French cabinet Read More…


This is not a coffee moment: Canadian columnist advocates worldwide one-child policy – fast back to the Stone Age

A friend writes, shocked, that a premier columnist, Diane Francis, at Canada’s National Post, recently wrote a column advocating a worldwide mandatory one child policy. She got plenty of attention. I replied, In fairness, that is only columnist Diane Francis’s opinion. I have not heard that it was endorsed by the paper’s editorial board and Read More…