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Peter Ward on Teaching a Flat Earth

Peter Ward imagines he is offering a devastating argument against teaching ID by asking us to consider the pedagogical value of teaching a flat earth (“Advocates of Intelligent Design Would Dumb Down Students”). Question: Is it possible to teach Darwin’s Origin of Species without considering ID as Darwin’s proper foil and counterpart? Answer: NO. Question: […]

Darwinism Education Evolution Intelligent Design

“Panda-Monium” — ID Enters the World of Computer Gaming

Thanks to a loyal ID supporter, the fledgling corporation conceived on this blog earlier this week, namely, Darwinalia, has now entered the computer gaming industry. Darwinalia’s new game is titled “Panda-Monium.” To play it, go here. A more sophisticated commercial version will be available soon. [UPDATE: Paul Myers has just posted at The Panda’s Thumb […]