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The Vise Strategy II: Essence of the Strategy

Over a decade ago, Phillip Johnson, in his public lectures, used to describe his critique of evolutionary naturalism as encapsulated in an analysis of three words: science, evolution, and creation. According to Johnson, by suitably equivocating about the meaning of these words, Darwinists were able to confuse the public and themselves into consenting to a […]


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It seems that some of my readers are disgruntled because their comments are not appearing on this blog and, in some cases, because I’m removing them as users. Please have a look at my Comments about Comments from last month. One of the things I stressed there is don’t bore me. Darwinists tend to think […]

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Ruse, Wells, and Morris (John) on CNN with Lou Dobbs, May 12, 2005

DOBBS: New York, Kansas, and several other states are considering controversial proposals that would change the way our children learn about the creation of human beings, the earth and our universe. A relatively new theory, called intelligent design, suggests that Darwin’s theory of evolution can’t explain the existence of every life form on earth. Those […]