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That US State Dept report on the fraudulent runoff 2004 election in Ukraine: knowing how to steal an election

From the UD image library: Oh, yes, McFaul on colour revolutions: The Russian view: Places: Hint, the theme colour for the US push was/is black, just see Antifa: Just for record as some are playing the nothing to see here game again. END

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Allowing Rufo and Lindsay to speak in their own voices,

again, as a certain objector here has accused: Right-wing grifters like Jordan Peterson, James Lindsay, and Christopher Rufo make a lot of money selling these lies to the gullible fools who get their worldview injected into their brains by downloading Fox News propaganda I have not previously heard of these two, but — courtesy YouTube Read More…

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Tour deals with the rhetorical tactics of a critic

HT Q, here is Dr Tour’s response to a critic’s rhetoric (with some addressing of substantial matters through interacting with an expert caught in the cross fire): It is sad to see that this had to be dealt with. As a point of reference, let us highlight first duties and principles of right reason, extending Read More…

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At SciTech Daily: The Fountain of Life: Scientists Uncover the “Chemistry Behind the Origin of Life”

The requirement of a particular sequence of amino acids endows the protein with vast amounts of information, far beyond what could be “chanced upon” by any natural process within the history of the entire universe.

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Yockey reminds us on code use in Protein Synthesis

There is need to correct for record, given attempts to dismiss. Note, Yockey’s diagram: Where, we can observe on tRNA structure and action: The presence of a universal, CCA tool-tip means, chemically, any tRNA could bind the COOH end of any AA, where basic AA structure is: Given hyperskeptical objections, we need to emphasise that Read More…

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Protein Synthesis . . . what frequent objector AF cannot acknowledge

Let us use a handy diagram of protein synthesis: [U/D, Sep 2:] Where, to clarify key terms, let us note a key, classic text, Lehninger, 8th edn: “The information in DNA is encoded in its linear (one-dimensional) sequence of deoxyribonucleotide subunits . . . . A linear sequence of deoxyribonucleotides in DNA codes (through an Read More…

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Rationalist skeptic comments on the manipulative arguments for Darwinism

Part of an excerpt from his new book, Taking Leave of Darwin (2021). Science historian Michael Flannery, among others, have often noted this style of Darwinian argument. One might say that it relies on the public’s willingness to be persuaded of the proposition far more on the innate intellectual value of the proposition.

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But the war IS actually on logic … and that’s the point

John West: “Reading the rest of her article I realized she simply didn’t know how to frame a proper comparison. She actually was attempting to malign those who support intelligent design, not those who tried to create panic over it. Apparently neither she nor her editor is particularly good with logic.” But that’s the point. The whole enterprise is a war on logic. It’s like the war on math and the war on science. And there is a sophisticated public for that now.

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Haeckel’s biased, manipulative, dishonest drawings

It is strange that Haeckel has come up again, so let us first understand just how manipulative and dishonest he was in his books that popularised Evolutionism in Germany and elsewhere. As a start, here is his infamous drawing of heads of men and other primates: This was a time when photography was not ubiquitous, Read More…

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Ten (or so) Anti-Intelligent Design Books You Should Read

I have posted the second video in my two part book recommendation series on the YouTube channel. In the previous video I highlighted many books that argue for intelligent design. My view is that proponents of design should face the strongest criticisms possible, and not be afraid of doing so. In line with this philosophy, Read More…

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L&FP40: Language is . . . (as a foundation for understanding machine code and mathematical language as just that, linguistic)

It seems we need to clarify language. For, we see in the Ortho types thread: EG, 140: >> . . . Definitions of language: Webster’s: the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a community. Britannica: a system of conventional spoken, manual (signed), or written symbols by means of Read More…