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DCA – The Plot Sickens

About a year ago the chemical compound dichloroacetate was in the news as a potential miracle cure for cancer shortly after a scientist at the University of Edmonton published experimental results showing human cancers melting off of lab rats in a matter of a few weeks with virtually no adverse side effects. As it turned […]

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DCA Update

About two months ago I blogged several articles on a potential cancer cure called DCA. To date there has still been no start of an FDA-approved clinical trial so it looks like the conspiracy theorists were right – DCA is a common chemical that has no profit potential for big pharma so even though it […]

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Doctor David H. Gorski doth protest too much, methinks

Get this from Orac (a.k.a. DH Gorski) at Respectful Insolence. Here’s a cutter/researcher who makes a living from cancer. A respectable number of research papers in chemotherapy and radiation bear his name and he’s a surgeon. He is, in other words, a fully vested member in the multi-billion dollar cancer treatment industry. If there’s a […]