Darwinian Debating Devices

Darwinian Debating Device #4: “Desperate Distractions”

Darwinists frequently employ the debating device that I call “Desperate Distractions.” This occurs when the Darwinist has lost the debate beyond any hope, and instead of admitting they have lost, the Darwinist continues to throw mud at the wall to see if anything will stick. Apparently, their determination never to cede a micro-millimeter impels them […]

Darwinian Debating Devices

Darwinian Debating Device #2: The “Turnabout” Tactic

Recently Eric Anderson started a series on Darwinian Debating Devices, to which I submit the following contribution: “turnabout.” KF has a great explication of this debating tactic at his website, which I summarize: This fallacy turns on blaming the victim by implying or asserting (a) moral equivalency through pretended equality of blame for the cycle […]

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Darwinian Debating Device #1: Jeffrey Shallit Style Ad Hominem

A week or so ago, Cornelius Hunter referenced a paper by Christoph Adami titled “Information-theoretic considerations concerning the origin of life” available here. Hunter cites the NewScientist article about Adami’s paper, “Chances of first life improved by weighted dice” and highlights in particular the remarkable statement: “Christoph Adami of Michigan State University in East Lansing […]