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Iowa State did it to Gonzalez, Now U of Idaho is doing it to Minnich

U of I president: teach only evolution in science classes By JOHN MILLER, Associated Press Writer, The Associated Press October 05, 2005 University of Idaho President Tim White has entered the debate pitting Charles Darwin’s theories of life against religious-based alternatives by forbidding anything other than evolution from being taught in the Moscow school’s life, Read More…

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IDEA Club comes to UC Berkeley

Go to for the new website for UC Berkeley’s IDEA Club (IDEA = Intelligent Design & Evolution Awareness): For too long the students have been dogmatically told that ID is just pseudo-scientific religious dogma. This website will offer Berkeley students accurate information on what ID is and is not. When students realize that ID Read More…

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“Teach the Controversy” — by the inventor of the phrase

To Debate or Not to Debate Intelligent Design? By Gerald Graff When I heard that advocates of “Intelligent Design” were urging schools to “teach the controversy” between their view and Darwinian evolution, I was dismayed. About 20 years ago, I coined the phrase “teach the controversy” when I argued that schools and colleges should respond Read More…

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University of Kansas Chancellor Speaks Out!

From today’s Chronicle of Higher Education. And just remember, those are our tax dollars with which he is going to indoctrinate our kids and oppose intelligent design. Here’s a novel thought: Let chancellor Hemenway and his colleagues come up with their own support that does not require the government establishing a secular religion based on Read More…

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Upcoming Debate at Boston University

Bob Zelnick, well known news personality and chair of the BU journalism school, is organizing a debate on whether ID should be taught in conjunction with conventional evolutionary theory. The debate will feature Edward Sisson and me on the ID side and Eugenie Scott and James Trefil on the evolutionist side. The debate will take Read More…

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NCSE’s Speaking Schedule

Have a look at One of my colleagues describes reading this page as “watching a car wreck.” I’m just sorry we can’t get a percentage cut from all the speaking engagements they are getting as a result of attacking us. Life is so unfair. Several things things should impress you about this page. First, Read More…

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Can 38 Nobel Laureates Be Wrong?

Nobel Laureates urge rejection of intelligent design Thursday, September 15, 2005 Lawrence Journal-World TOPEKA — A group of 38 Nobel Laureates headed by Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel have asked the Kansas State Board of Education to reject science standards that criticize evolution.

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“Panda-Monium” — ID Enters the World of Computer Gaming

Thanks to a loyal ID supporter, the fledgling corporation conceived on this blog earlier this week, namely, Darwinalia, has now entered the computer gaming industry. Darwinalia’s new game is titled “Panda-Monium.” To play it, go here. A more sophisticated commercial version will be available soon. [UPDATE: Paul Myers has just posted at The Panda’s Thumb Read More…