The relevance of ethical and worldview issues pivoting on scientific schools of thought

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NOTICE: Abusive spammers know (or should know) the price of dialogue on serious matters — basic civility

Pardon a moment. Just a notice to let the abusive spammers know that the price tag for serious dialogue is basic civility.  (And in some cases, a lot of uncalled for stuff — for cause — would have to be removed and apologised for. Why should I or any sensible person let you do the Read More…

Science, worldview issues/foundations and society

NOTICE, in response to attempts to play the “the God of the OT is a moral monster” distractive rhetorical games

Earlier today, I have had to deal with an attempt by a commenter who — for cause — was already of an ilk I have asked not to comment on threads I post here at UD, as such are simply rudely disruptive and distractive; making no genuinely positive contribution to serious dialogue. Given his insistence Read More…

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The mutilation of Bibi Aisha — a test case on the objectivity of moral judgements

Several days ago, UD news raised the above case, and the response of a class of students, as a test case on the objectivity of morality. Further details — and a shocking picture of a beautiful but mutilated girl that we all need to examine, painful or not — are here.  In deference to sensibilities, Read More…