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Congratulations Jonathan Wells

Of all my colleagues in the ID movement, the one evolutionists slime the most is Jonathan Wells. It is therefore gratifying to see his article on centrioles and their design characteristics (“Do Centrioles Generate a Polar Ejection Force?”) appear in the latest issue of a peer-reviewed biology journal. Here is the abstract to his article:

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design at Baylor University: Chronicle of a Controversy

I have just made available on my website the documents detailing the rise and fall Baylor’s now defunct Michael Polanyi Center (MPC). The MPC was the first ID think-tank connected to a major university and for about nine months was the focus of considerable media attention. The documents are of mixed quality, with a Read More…

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Emergence of Biological Complexity — Cambridge Templeton Consortium

Yesterday’s Nature has, on page 24 of the advertisement section, an announcement requesting grant proposals for the John Templeton Foundation’s “Purpose in the living world” research programme, titled “The Emergence of Biological Complexity” (for more go here and here). Purpose? Biological complexity? Evidence of fine-tuning in biological complexity? All in one breath? This may not Read More…