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ID Entering the Orthodox Jewish Community

Controversy expected at intelligent design debate By: Eddith Sevilla / Contributing Writer Issue date: 12/8/05 Section: News Article Tools: Page 1 of 1 The floor may get heated when an evangelical Christian and an Orthodox Jew debate intelligent design at the Sixth Miami International Conference on Torah and Science, to be held at the […]

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How the debate has changed . . .

Twenty years ago: Darwinian biology teacher challenges students with “overwhelming evidence” for evolution, and students who believe in creation/design are left feeling confused and intimidated. The present day: Darwinian biology teacher is forced to expend a lot of energy finding plausible answers to all the challenges that ID-informed students are levying against evolution.

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Confidence in the solvability of currently unsolved scientific problems

[From a philosopher colleague:] I am visiting Harvard, and I was reading the conservative student paper here, and came across an interesting quote from from Richard Wrangham, a biologist, on the gaps in science that Intelligent Design theorists point to: “Given that everything we know about science gives us confidence that these details either have […]

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Gertrude Himmelfarb on ID

HOW THE DEBATE OVER DARWIN HASN’T EVOLVED by Gertrude Himmelfarb The New Republic Online Post date: 12.03.05, Issue date: 12.12.05 . . . Many Victorian clerics found it possible to reconcile not only evolution but natural selection as well with religion, while many secularists had reservations not about evolution but about natural selection. John Stuart […]

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Fundamentalists Beat Up Mr. Anti-ID, Paul Mirecki

. . . What did they say, exactly? I guess it was something like, “This mild assault is payback for your famously controversial opinions against us fundamentalist Christians, Mirecki. Don’t let us catch you south of Lawrence again.” Or maybe not. But I am forced to guess, because Mirecki won’t tell what the men said […]

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If only people knew more science . . .

Concerning Nicholas Kristof’s NYTimes Op-Ed that appeared yesterday: [From a colleague:] It is ironic that Mr. Kristoff chose to convey his disdain for the humanities by employing language rather than statistics or flow charts. He writes that the officers of the Third Reich were steeped in Kant and Goethe,” but they were also whizzes in […]

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Paul Weyrich on ID

Intelligent design — A scientific, academic and philosophical controversy Paul Weyrich December 6, 2005 Many Americans are focused on what should be taught in the schools regarding our universe and the Earth — how life as we know it has come to be. This has become a hot-button issue, igniting controversy in Kansas over […]

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NPR and ID

Below is an article by the NPR Omsbudsman Jeff Dvorkin. In it he addresses the challenges NPR faces in covering ID. Is he writing as a reporter or as an advocate for materialism? How well informed is he about ID? Does the Ombudsman needs and Ombudsman? Consider these quotes:

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Who Owns Cooption?

Nick Matzke, despite faulting ID proponents for quote-mining, is himself not averse to taking things out of context. At he purports to show how Scott Minnich, during his testimony in Kitzmiller v. Dover, gave away the store in regard to cooption and irreducible complexity. Not so. During the Dover trial, Minnich, as an expert […]