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“Smithsonian to Screen a Movie That Makes a Case Against Evolution”

Smithsonian to Screen a Movie That Makes a Case Against Evolution By JOHN SCHWARTZ, as reported in the NYTimes Published: May 28, 2005 The Discovery Institute, a group in Seattle that supports an alternative theory, “intelligent design,” is announcing on its Web site that it and the director of the [Smithsonian] museum “are happy to […]

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Two Gifts for Richard Dawkins

the fossils of the “Cambrian Explosion” period, near the base of the geological column, include some of the most sophisticated eyes ever known to have existed — the compound eyes of trilobites have double calcite lenses, which defeat any slow evolutionary explanation, and, what is more, they have no precursor in the rocks

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Christianity Today’s 2005 Book Awards

Two ID books were selected among Christianity Today’s 2005 Book Awards: in the category of Apologetics/Evangelism, Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator; in the category Christianity & Culture, my book The Design Revolution (another of my books Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology received that same award in 2000). Awards like this […]