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E. O. Wilson: Strict Darwinism is “an undeniable fact” and “ranks as a virtual law of nature”

Let’s accept the fault line between faith and science By Edward O. Wilson http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2006-01-15-faith-edit_x.htm If the perennial culture war between science and fundamentalist Christianity about evolution seems insoluble, the reason is that it is insoluble.

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The School of Nanometry

The finding that the protein components, called “ankyrin repeats,” exhibit such unprecedented elastic properties could lead to a new understanding of how organisms, including humans, sense and respond to physical forces at the cellular level, the researchers said. The nanometer-sized springs are also ideal candidates for building biologically-inspired springy nanostructures and nanomaterials with an inherent […]

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Dover’s done talking intelligent design, but rest of the world isn’t

No end to debate likely: Dover’s done talking intelligent design, but rest of the world isn’t By MICHELLE STARR Daily Record/Sunday News Jan 15, 2006 — If people believed a ruling in federal court would end the national debate about intelligent design, they were wrong. Judge John E. Jones III’s ruling in December was celebrated […]

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Evolve Yourself, Inc. — ID’s New Success and Motivation Institute

Evolve yourself intelligently to the new and more successful you. . . .** For some time now I’ve been wanting to complement Darwinalia, Inc. (which will soon be in operation — I have three partners and we own www.darwinalia.com) with an ID-based success and motivation course (complete with infomercials). I had been thinking about something […]

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The Dembski-Ruse Road Show Continues

Intelligent Design forum features Dembski & Ruse Jan 12, 2006 By Staff Baptist Press MARIETTA, Ga. (BP)–An upcoming dialogue between a key Intelligent Design proponent and a Darwinian evolutionist from Florida State University reflects the fact that, “Our commitment to truth leads us to believe that we have nothing to fear from public discussion of […]