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“Not just an American phenomenon” — The recent Prague ID conference

Here’s a report on the recent Prague ID conference by someone on the ground from our side — quite a different perspective from the AP report that appeared in the NYTimes and elsewhere. On Saturday, October 22, 2005, almost 700 people from 18 nations gathered in Prague (Czech Republic) for a conference on “Darwin and […]

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More “Even-Handed” Treatment of ID at Cornell

Provine Talks on Intelligent Design Debate Defends theory of evolution October 26, 2005 by Brian Kaviar Sun Staff Writer From William Provine, the C.A. Alexander Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, gave a lecture entitled “Evolution and Intelligent Design” at Alpha Delta Phi fraternity last night. The lecture came on the heels of Interim […]

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Prague Conference on ID

October 24, 2005 ‘Intelligent Design’ Supporters Gather By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Filed at 4:23 p.m. ET PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) — Hundreds of supporters of ”intelligent design” theory gathered in Prague in the first such conference in eastern Europe, but Czech scholars boycotted the event insisting it had no scientific credence. About 700 scientists from […]

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“We shouldn’t dismiss questions, even if some are ill-intentioned.”

Okay, it’s finally becoming clear why all the backlash against ID. No, it’s not that ID is raising the wrong questions. No, it’s not that ID has been shown to be false (certainly Kirschner & Gerhart haven’t shown that). It’s that IDs proponents are, in the words of Marc Kirschner, “ill-intentioned.” Ah, yes, the old […]

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ID bashed also in Germany — Why can’t we all just be friends?

[From a colleague in Germany:] Recently your name in connetion with ID did appear in several (liberal) newspapers here in Germany, mostly of course accompanied by unqualified critic. You surely experience this yourself often enough in the US, lately I saw e.g. a scientist and ID-opponent on the O’Reily Show (Fox News) directly attacking ID […]