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On a Level Playing Field – We Win

It has come to my attention that some of our best informed ID supporters don’t believe politics are important to winning and that science education is the key. Now I dearly love science but without politics providing us a level playing field our arguments from math and science are doomed to being censored.
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ACLU about to lose Cobb on appeal?

Brief History Cobb County, Georgia, adopted new biology texts which for the first time in Cobb County had a section on evolution. Concerned parents voiced their concern to the school board that the evolution section was presented in a manner that left no room for doubt, effectively presenting as fact something the parents did not believe was an accurate history of the evolution of life. The school board voted to put a sticker in the textbook stating that the textbook contained material about the evolution of life and that evolution was a theory, not a fact, and that it should be carefully studied and critically considered. A group of parents sued the school board saying the stickers were a law Read More ›