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Mind mapping provides clues to human thinking? Not really.

In “Charles Manson, Please Save Marriage & Family Therapy”, family therapist David Schnarch pleads for a reconsideration of “mind-mapping”, Applied neuroscience is a hot topic among mental health professionals, and there are two different views of mind-mapping in ascendance: One is based on attachment theory, which proposes that mind-mapping develops by parents giving children accurate […]

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Study: Spirituality plays a key role in fighting depression

Traditional Christians expect some level of unavoidable suffering as part of life, accepting it as a test of character (not of faith, because their faith told them to expect it). The same situation might look very different to the person who honestly believes that if things aren’t going well, there is something wrong with him.

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Did you know how involved government now is in materialist neuroscience, to control citizens?

This Spiked interview by Tim Black with Raymond Tallis might be useful reading: This sense that our minds are not what we thought they were, that it’s our brains, and the natural-physical causal network of which they are part, that is really calling the shots has been lovingly embraced by politicos on both sides of […]