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DEVELOPING EVENT: Bombings in Brussels, after capture of terrorist mastermind

The developing pattern of terrorist attacks in the West continues. Looks like a bombing at an airport and a metro station in Brussels after a terrorist mastermind was captured Friday last. It seems so far, 26 dead, dozens wounded. The airport bombing may be a suicide bombing. Sky News, live: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt […]

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Foundational Philosophical Alternatives

Criminologist and former atheist Mike Adams summarizes the three foundational philosophical alternatives to the Cosmos: First, we can say that it came into being spontaneously – in other words, that it came to be without a cause. Second, we can say that it has always been. Third, we can posit some cause outside the physical […]

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Thoughts on roots of growth and the ultimate resource — us

First, a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to one and all! Next, I ran across a lecture on Macro-Economics by Roger W Garrison of Auburn that I thought would be well worth digesting with some Turkey and Ham etc: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt I think this is of general interest, and also […]