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Design Disquisitions: Peter S. Williams on Intelligent Design

In the latest post at Design Disquisitions I focus on the excellent work on ID by British philosopher Peter S. Williams. He has published several papers, and has many high quality articles and media presentations on the subject. His work was instrumental in initiating my change of mind from theistic neo-Darwinism to design. Highly recommended stuff! Peter […]

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Do We Need God To Do Science?

Premier Radio, one of the UK’s leading Christian radio stations, has been featuring several interviews/debates in recent weeks on matters related to ID, some of which have been flagged here and here. The most recent one bears the title of this post and was aired last weekend (6th Feb), in which I debated the question […]


Podcasts in the intelligent design controversy: Why is anyone surprised by this news?

Academic Freedom Update: California Science Center Engaged in Illegal Cover-Up This episode of ID the Future features an academic freedom update on the California Science Center’s cancellation last October of a screening of a pro-ID film, Darwin’s Dilemma, by a private group. How does a government agency try to evade its obligations to the First […]


Recent podcasts in the intelligent design controversy

1. On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin examines a new peer-reviewed paper that demolishes a very common and very fallacious objection to intelligent design. That objection? “Aren’t there vast eons of time for evolution?” Go here to listen. For more information on this and other peer-reviewed papers relating to intelligent design, visit […]


Podcasts in the intelligent design controversy

Bored by bickering relatives or co-workers over the holiday season? Check these out: 1. What makes Darwinism politically correct? This episode of ID the Future features Robert Crowther interviewing CSC senior fellow Dr. Jonathan Wells on his book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design. Dr. Wells explains the peer-pressure involved with Darwin’s […]