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Calling Nick Matzke’s Bluff

In the comments of this UD post from yesterday, (comment #21) I referred to Nick Matzke’s rant over at the Panda’s Thumb yesterday as yet another illustration of the double standard’s Matzke’s has when it comes to his critiques of anyone who dares challenge Darwinian Orthodoxy.  In my comments yesterday, I gave an example of […]

Evolution pre-Cambrian

Animal that stages light display is 600 million years old?

In “Ancient Jelly Simplifies Animal Tree?” (The Scientist , September 9, 2011 Sabrina Richards reports “A newly discovered fossil of a nearly 600-million-year-old comb jelly ancestor may call for scientists to rethink early animal evolution.” Just think: 600 million years old. Well, Like vertebrates, cnidarians exhibit bilateral or biradial symmetry—meaning they can be bisected into […]