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Today is 9-11-01 + 18 years, let us remember

We owe a debt of honour to remember. So, in absence of the full 9 -hour CNN feed that seems to no longer be there, first NBC live: Here is a timeline: Let us remember, and let us remember that September 11, 2001 was the 318th anniversary of the lifting of the last, 1683 Ottoman […]

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UD Newswatch: Epstein Suicide

After a reported suicide attempt July 23, disgraced millionnaire Jeffery Epstein is reported to have committed suicide in his cell in Manhattan, New York. Daily Mail’s bullet-point summary: Drudge “in red” headers list: I add, Sun Aug 11, a video: This comes just one day after May 3, 2016 testimony of Veronica Roberts Giuffre was […]