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“Truly open data at BioMed Central” as of September 3


Release received this morning: From September 3, 2013, the Creative Commons CC0 waiver will become part of BioMed Central’s Copyright and License Agreement, opening up the way in which data published in their journals can be used. CC0 will apply to data in all articles submitted to BioMed Central and Chemistry Central journals from this date.

Openly communicating scientific research involves more than publishing in an open access journal; sharing the underlying data is an increasingly important part of the research and publication process. BioMed Central believes that the true research potential of knowledge that is captured in data will only be released if data mining and other forms of data analysis and re-use are not in any form restricted by licensing requirements.

A proposal suggesting the implementation of open data-compliant licensing in BioMed Central journals was put to public consultation in 2012, and responses were six to one in favor of including the CC0 waiver – or Public Domain Dedication – in the Copyright and License agreement

As part of the consultation, BioMed Central received a number of questions about matters such as citation, plagiarism, patient privacy, and commercial use. An article published in the open access journal BMC Research Notes provides answers to these questions and further details. More.


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