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Culture Revolution insurgency escalator


As background, let us first refresh our memory on the BATNA concept and the Overton Window:

Where, let us further refresh on centres of cultural influence

. . . as well as the Machiavelli challenge of timely, prudent change:

Now, let us expose the 4th Generation Colour Revolution playbook and operational patterns, so that we may begin to better recognise what has been going on and where we now are:

Next, let us bear in mind the crooked yardstick effect:

The matter of clarifying political spectra will help:

Let us further set that in the global geostrategic context:

Now, we can have a more focused discussion on where we are going over the next 3 to 15 months, in the geostrategic centre of gravity of our civilisation and globally. END

Kairosfocus, Yes, exactly. I suspect there's a reason why new totalitarian regimes want to erase history and all its lessons and comparisons. The press is then completely free to paint a glorious picture of how well everything is going--how obesity has plummeted and the restorative properties of physical activity in fresh air using a shovel as an exercise device, how rationing gasoline and other non-essentials are helping the fight against global warming and pollution, and so on. If people are dying, it's only because they were mostly the elderly (i.e. over 40), had already lived full and useful lives for the state, and are now helping with reducing excess human population. Yes, it's certainly vital under such a regime that a cooperative press with "flexible" journalists can express such gratitude. Also, the photographers now seem to be fascinated with taking dramatic pictures of happy workers cheerfully and selflessly contributing to the state according to their ability. And there are all the schoolchildren who spontaneously write poems and sing songs about their happy lives and wonderful leader on that happy plantation--truly a worker's paradise . . . in North Korea! -Q Querius
DS, there are two senses of ownership, one of which is control. To see the force of Q's point, please refresh your acquaintance with Orwell's Animal Farm and even 1984. One form of ultimate welfare state, is totalitarian control, and oh yes, there are "free" support services and "guaranteed" work for all in what will be portrayed as a paradise, but then the nomenklatura control you and everything too. Lawless ideological oligarchy. Do you know Cuban exiles, ask a few about life in Cuba since 1958 - 9. KF kairosfocus
Perhaps if words no longer have any meaning whatsoever. Like NDT, my mind is now blown. :-) daveS
Q & DS, the summary you gave can indeed reflect aspects of subjugation under those who control the system. KF kairosfocus
everyone gets free healthcare, free housing, free food, guaranteed lifetime employment. People contribute what they are able and receive what they need.
Uh, that doesn't sound like "plantation slavery" to me... daveS
Kairosfocus @177, Imagine a system where everyone gets free healthcare, free housing, free food, guaranteed lifetime employment. People contribute what they are able and receive what they need. You might think I'm referring to a Marxist utopia, and I am, but I'm also referring to the earlier version named "plantation slavery." Isn't it brilliant political marketing in universities that convinces many people to advocate such a system today? -Q Querius
I have noticed that you have a way of twisting logic and observations to fit the wider patters you have been pointing to.
An YOU have a way of lying, quote-mining, irrationality and being an insipid troll. ET
DS, while I have deepest respect for cats and dogs, I doubt they would embrace such a philosophy. KF kairosfocus
I'm starting to suspect our neighbor's cat is a Marxist. Should I be concerned? :-) daveS
F/N: Guillotines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAhKMi6DexA KF kairosfocus
MMT, I cannot force you to see what you refuse to see, but I can note the fact of refusal and denial. That, too, is familiar. I refer you to the insurgency escalator and the McFaul pattern, played out in colour revolutions. As for media ambushes, they are a dime a dozen, the Sandmann case and why major media houses cannot face him in open court speak for themselves. The swarm tactics of today's red guards are nothing new either. The sequence of events outlined is readily documented, and a man has clearly died under highly questionable circumstances leading to a murder charge. As for the denial that these network-based radical groups are groups, the widespread sustained pattern of riots across a number of years speaks. The Frankfurt School, culture form marxist roots of critical X-theories are beyond reasonable dispute, as is dominance of key sectors of the academy, bleeding over into other institutions and society as a whole. The murderously destructive, enslaving, economically ruinous nature of Marxism, across several forms, is clear. And more. KF kairosfocus
Could the the feeling also be mutual?
Perhaps. :) Mac McTavish
Could the the feeling also be mutual? -Q Querius
All of this of course fits the wider patterns I have been pointing to.
I have noticed that you have a way of twisting logic and observations to fit the wider patters you have been pointing to. Mac McTavish
ET, okay. There is a thread on the hearings, as a lawfare battle, see https://uncommondescent.com/courts/judge-amy-coney-barrett-begins-us-supreme-court-nomination-hearings/ KF kairosfocus
DS, there is enough video and photography to document the main sequence and there is enough documentation to give significant background. It is details of connexions that are not in. Media ambushes have been going on for years, so that is not surprising. This one ended up in cornering and killing a man trying to de-escalate confrontations. KF kairosfocus
Ooops- meant to say stuff. Mind and fingers not in coordination. My apologies. ET
KF, We don't want anyone to be falsely accused, I'm sure. Therefore I suggest we refrain from painting suggestive pictures of what "credibly" may have happened until the facts are in. daveS
ET, language. KF kairosfocus
Biden and Harris are already lying on TV. Biden lied by saying President Trump drove the economy down, even though all the evidence says the economy was booming until covid-19 caused the shut down. Biden blames Trump for the unemployment number even though those number were better than the previous administration. Harris went off the rails against Barrett, making up [SNIP!] and saying it is as if were true and predetermined. This is the best the democrats have? Really? ET
DS, like a certain 17 YO may well have been recently and before him a certain 16 YO was it? The reality is this has the patterns of a media ambush for agit prop purposes. Those involved may not initially have had killing in mind (the lay in wait ambush in Portland is different), but once someone walks away from your designated agitator then is cornered and killed by an armed person presented as security, that becomes a very different story. If you got yourself tied up with a loose cannon, you were part of a professional organisation with standards and liabilities, so serious issues are immediately on the table. And that is on the least bad interpretation. Remember this guy used a red dot sight so he knew where he was going to hit pretty much, esp with a 9 mm. And he did so by first stopping de-escalation behaviour and then escalating a confrontation with someone retreating by walking backwards. This is the sort of swarm tactics pattern I have been pointing to. I hardly need to more than mention the effect of accusations such as nazi etc in creating out of control rage in such situations. KF kairosfocus
KF, I just don't want anyone to get "Richard Jewelled" if you catch my drift. daveS
DS, we can await confirmations but the antifa network and a pattern of involvement of the key journalists is pretty clear. The deeper pattern of media ambushes is known, the Sandmann case is only the most notorious. The initial confrontation and flanking cornering are manifest from photos of the incident and video. Who de-escalates and who escalates are clear. The background of the primary activist who first blocked and challenged the group of men leaving the rally is on clear record, with name. All of this of course fits the wider patterns I have been pointing to. KF kairosfocus
This is credibly a media ambush backed up by force that spun out of control, where the initiator is the shooter and confederates.
Well, yes, there are many credible hypotheses. The incident credibly could be solely the shooter's fault, and the station could hold no responsibility. Or both station and shooter could both be liable, with no involvement by Antifa. Etc., etc. Let us await developments. daveS
DS, I if anything hoped you had. As it is, let us await developments. Right now it looks to me like there is a loose network of antifa activists and "progressive" journalists including the photographer and the tv station producer. They may have had the shooter as an escort on whatever basis of agreement, the shooter is connected to antifa, itself a network. The person shouting at the victim and companions in the video is a known local activist, it is plausible they were trying to provoke a reaction that would create discrediting optics for the back the blue rally much as with Nick Sandmann and the March for Life. The man with mace, the soon to be victim, walks away, an act of de-escalation. Notice, he does not stand his ground. Only, to be cornered by the shooter, who tries to snatch the mace, which is held down, a non-threatening position. He slaps him aside then backs off; the shooter draws, the victim may have tried to say stop it, while backing away. The shooter stands his position of blocking, obviously levels a gun, so the victim sprays mace in a last ditch failed effort and is fatally shot. The two acts are close together in time, I suspect photos in the rapid shoot sequence are being suppressed by the photographer as there are gaps at strategic times, likely they are even more incriminating. This is credibly a media ambush backed up by force that spun out of control, where the initiator is the shooter and confederates. Self defence pleas break down under those circumstances. Mens rea is implicated and is COLLECTIVE, there is serious potential liability for individuals and organisations associated. The driver of the getaway car is liable for murder in the course of a bank robbery. (In Trinidad some years back, ten men were hanged together for one murder. Including, the driver.) That includes newspaper and TV station perhaps the owning networks. In context, security operatives in that area have serious licensing and training requirements that sharply increase for plain clothes and concealed carry. KF kairosfocus
KF, I don't know the answers to any of those questions. Do you have any leads? daveS
DS, but not as a security guard, which had several requirements not met. Which was it, on contract so station is seriously liable? on informal agreement? Not on contract so there was serious lying? And if the latter, was this a link to Antifa, a protector of "friendly" news? Or what? KF kairosfocus
DaveS, I just checked the news and yes, you're right. -Q Querius
I think he did in fact have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. daveS
I've read reports that no one remembers ever hiring the shooter for anything, that's he's not licensed as a security guard as required in Colorado, nor does he have a permit for concealed carry. Other than those details, the press had everything else right . . . LOL -Q Querius
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