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From Britain’s foremost Christian Darwinist, Denis Alexander


Since 1859 most Christians have been equally happy to incorporate evolution within their biblical understanding of creation. Yes there was some opposition at the beginning, as there is for any radically new theory, but the most influential church leaders soon realized that Kingsley was right. The idea that evolution was greeted with general horror by the Church is a myth.

Which is too bad. The eugenics scandal (compulsory sterilization, supported by Christians in government) was a direct result of too easy acceptance.

The British historian James Moore comments that ‘with but few exceptions the leading Christian thinkers in Great Britain and America came to terms quite readily with Darwinism and evolution’, and the American historian George Marsden reports that ‘…with the exception of Harvard’s Louis Agassiz, virtually every American Protestant zoologist and botanist accepted some form of evolution by the early 1870s’. One of those biologists was Asa Gray, professor of natural history at Harvard and a committed Christian, who was Darwin’s long-term correspondent and confidante, helping to organize the publication of the Origin of Species in America.

Not even the seculars believe this stuff any more. Everyone knows there is something wrong, and hollering for Jesus is not going to change it.

So these people apparently have no shame. This guy Alexander is in some kind of stakes race with Giberson, who is into the idea that some humans have tails?

No third horse, we would guess.

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What did the christian people think? Never mind a few fat cats. Anyways its more important what the non Anglican Protestants thought. WE made the british civilization number one. Further its about true Christians and not just card carrying ones. A minority only ever believed in the bible,. Darwin didn't affect this minority. Evolution affected people who aLREADY denied genesis. in nOrth america evolution was a obscure thing and most paid no attention until later. Today opposition is strong and about the same as in the old days. Robert Byers
Peace & joy. Originally, Darwinism was seen as the method by which the Creator produced the huge variety of life on Earth. Darwin himself said exactly that: the Creator lit the fire, and non-supernatural processes took over with the details. This fit remarkably well with Mendel's genetics, as understood by the crude experiments possible prior to WW2 or so. What the Neo-Darwinists have done is take 1 step further back and claim that Evolution can explain the Origin of Life without a Creator, a thing that the real Darwinists never claimed. And for all the 20th century hype, every single attempt by the Neo-Darwinists to explain a purely electro-chemical Origin of Life has failed. Thus Neo-Darwinism became a religion for Atheists. Evolution MUST be true and so it IS true, and requires no specific proofs. This is a description of a Belief System, not any kind of Science. mahuna
'To the raucous delight of most atheists too, because if Darwin’s theory is true, the Christians’ God is made superfluous.' Not in Darwin's own view, it seems. Dirt-worshippers are just raucously dumb. Three years before his death, he wrote that he had “never been an Atheist in the sense of denying the existence of a God.” (Darwin, as cited in Bowden 1998, 273). Must have been another of those dumb Creationists then - like these guys: http://www.academia.edu/2739607/Scientific_GOD_Journal Axel
Many of today's Christians are carrying water for those who hold them in contempt, much in the same way that apologists within the Church for gay marriage are also aiding in the rebellion. OldArmy94
Since 1859 most Christians have been ... happy to incorporate evolution within their biblical understanding of creation.
To the raucous delight of most atheists too, because if Darwin's theory is true, the Christians' God is made superfluous. jstanley01

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