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Those ID-friendly types running for US president?

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Here’s Salon’s Alex Pareene (who hates them all) on outgoing US Senator Joe Lieberman and ID-friendly US prez hopefuls Perry and Bachmann:

Why does Joe Lieberman, former Democratic candidate for vice president, like Bachmann and Perry so much? (I mean besides because those two are the ones who inspire the more liberal fear and loathing?) Because Bachmann and Perry share Joe Lieberman’s love of constant sanctimonious religious moralizing, of course.

Wow, that guy Pareene should sit in a donut shop walk-in, off the arena, some Saturday night. Does he think religious moralizing is uncommon? Everyone seems to know who they believe  G-d dams …

Apparently, the Atheist Rabbi thinks Michele Bachman is a theocrat. Gosh, if that guy is a rabbi and an atheist, some wonder he doesn’t have enough trouble at home. … Similar stuff about Rick Perry.

Also commentator Victor Davis Hanson:

There is much talk about what some are perceiving as the fringe religiosity of possible Republican primary candidates such as Michele Bachman and Rick Perry. But the media established the precedent four years ago that no candidate can be held responsible for his church. Barack Obama’s pastor of more than 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was an unapologetic racist and anti-Semite, and a raving conspiracy theorist whose parishioners gave him standing ovations for his hate-filled “G-d damn America” rants.

Okay. Uh … um …

(To save money, Uncommon Descent uses Canuck news staff. These staff members advise that no one should wander into a local sports pub anywhere near them and start shouting “G-d damn Canada.” Canada might be defending a title somewhere, in a sport you don’t care about – but they do. And never start ranting in church anyway. It’s really bad form.)

I like Herman Cain. The media does not let you see too many of his speeches but he is remakably personable. He talka a little about his faith here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDeUZ5qTFU0&feature=channel_video_title Frost122585

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