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We’re NOT claiming that the collapse of Darwin’s Arch in the Galapagos is some kind of a’ symbol


We just say that life imitates art imitating life. Anyway:

The famous rock formation off the Galapagos Islands known as Darwin’s Arch has collapsed due to “natural erosion,” the Ecuadoran Ministry of Environment has announced.

“The collapse of Darwin’s Arch, the attractive natural bridge found less than a kilometre from the main area of Darwin Island, was reported,” the ministry said in a statement.

Darwin’s Arch rock formation off Galapagos collapses” at Radio Television Ireland (May 18, 2021)

This one shows what it looked like earlier:

Hat tip: Ken Francis, co-author with Theodore Dalrymple of The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd

"With each passing day, Darwinism is eroding. Nothing in biology makes sense through the lens of Darwinism." We could also say that with each passing day rocks and rock bridges are eroding. How old was that rock bridge? Could it have withstood millions of years of weathering? No. Not much in geology makes sense through the eyes of evolution either. The rate of erosion is too fast for these structures to be millions of years old. They would have collapsed long long ago. A recent flood makes best sense of these structures. It best explains their formation, their continued existence/preservation, and their relative scarcity. We simply don't see natural bridges forming today, but if they formed by uniformitarian processes, then they should be forming today as well. tjguy
and let me add one more thought... collapsed Darwin's Arch, indeed, it is some kind of a symbol ... it points to an obvious fact: if you don't repair, it will degrade ... sooner or later ... won't last 100 years, not billions of years ... any repair process is an ultimate evidence that there is an intelligence behind it... DNA proofreading which eventually triggers DNA repair processes is an ultimate proof of designed life.... If there won't be DNA proofreading & repair mechanisms inside the cell, life won't last a single day ... not billions of years like Darwinists claim ... I debated lots of Darwinists through the years ... in some cases i have asked them, to provide a single example of a repair process which has not been designed ... they all failed (just attacked me, of course) PS: of course, life gets repaired all the time ... it is not only the DNA molecule ... skin gets repaired, eye cornea gets repaired, bones gets repaired, i don't know what else... ask a Darwinian biologist ... they know better . martin_r
give it billions of years and molecules will self-organize by small gradual changes into the most sophisticated systems in Universe ... obviously, Darwin's Arch did not get the message ... martin_r
With each passing day, Darwinism is eroding. Nothing in biology makes sense through the lens of Darwinism (Don't make the mistake of confusing Mendelian laws with Darwinism). PaV

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