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Are Darwin’s American tribe having a collective nutout or what?

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Here more, from a guy who writes at Evolution News & Views :

Joshua Rosenau … went on to quote Virgil’s Aeneid that rumors of the kind I am spreading are “nimble as quicksilver among evils.”

I asked Josh, NCSE’s Programs and Policy Director, if I could quote his emails to me. He consented on the condition that I specify that he was writing “from my private email address, on my own time and not on behalf of NCSE.” OK, whatever.

Please, lawyer, for all our coffee money for next week: Does Rosenau have a case if we link? Can he force us to break winter camp?

This is about some film about dinosaurs in heaven, which nobody can afford to buy and isn’t on line. Maybe they made a big mistake making it.

Dinos aren’t in heaven? We ain’t either. Difference is, we is askin’.

7 Replies to “Are Darwin’s American tribe having a collective nutout or what?

  1. 1
    paragwinn says:

    It seems Klinghoffer is the one having the nutout over an imagined racial overtone.

  2. 2
    Joseph says:

    It’s pretty clear what the movie was attempting to do- nothing was imagined- perhaps they imagined no one would notice.

  3. 3
    KRock says:

    I’d love to see another failed “Pro Darwin” doc, they make me laugh. I can’t find this one anywhere though.

  4. 4
    nullasalus says:

    I’ll have to check this out. Maybe their logic was along the lines of, “We bet the white christians are all racists, so maybe if we add some racial overtones to the movie it will be more effective. We must get people to believe in Darwin at all costs!”

  5. 5
    DrREC says:

    Have you seen the movie? What was the identity and context of the individual interviewed? What screening did you attend?

  6. 6
    markf says:

    Is this all about a film no one has seen yet? Does this count as noview.

  7. 7

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