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Jonathan McLatchie interviews Finnish scientist Matti Leisola

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Jonathan McLatchie In this webinar, biologist Dr. Matti Leisola talks about his journey as a scientist from Darwin to design.

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Matti Leisola On Evolution And The Recent Nobel Chemistry Prize

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Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

3 Replies to “Jonathan McLatchie interviews Finnish scientist Matti Leisola

  1. 1
    ScuzzaMan says:

    Dr Leisola is an incredible gift to thinking Christians who have not been bamboozled nor browbeaten into trading our reasonable faith in return for cunningly devised fables and the intellectual respect of a fallen world.

  2. 2
    Mung says:

    Unfortunately his book makes it very difficult to distinguish intelligent design from Creationism.

  3. 3
    ET says:

    Creationism is a subset of ID, Mung.

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