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Some scientists really do love Darwin, hate common sense

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File:A small cup of coffee.JPG They don’t get it, but what else is new?

From Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek, “Why Physics is Beautiful”:

The beauty of physical law is too impressive to be accidental. It has led people throughout history to believe that some tasteful higher being created us, and that we inhabit a consciously designed world, like our notional Super Mario. But this is an extravagant hypothesis, which goes far beyond the facts it is meant to explain. Before adopting it, we should explore more economical alternatives.

The answer likely lies within us. Beautiful things are those in which we find pleasure and seek out. They are, in neurobiological terms, things that stimulate our reward system. That explains why parents tend to find their young children beautiful, and adults are attracted to nubile models and their images. It makes evolutionary sense to reward such feelings.

This makes no sense at all. To whom or what does it make “evolutionary sense” to reward such feelings?

What about the many people who take pleasure in appalling and ugly things?

Guy should stick to physics.

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EDTA I say beauty is just accuracy. if complex would be less beautiful then accuracy would not be the essence of beauty. Why wouldn't complex physics be as cute as simple physics? If simply physics is cute! Whats cute about simple physics? Like human or nature beauty it must be based on preconceived ideas of accuracy.the right symmetry. The right equation is just another word for symmetry. Smyettry is just measurements relative to each other. its math. its just a myth we see beauty. We just see closer degrees of accuracy. Yet our pride makes us define the average in the spectrum as normal and so beauty as special. its not. We are just in a fallen world. not the original math. Robert Byers
Perhaps physics (and other branches of knowledge) are "beautiful" because the first things we figure out are the simple things. Newton's law of gravitation is simple, but it's also the first approximation we could have arrived at. With Einstein, the formulas are still simple (or beautiful), but not as simple as Newton's. And so on. As we learn more, the formulas we accept as the best get more and more complex. Thus, beauty/simplicity is just a result of our discovering natural laws in the order of simple -> complex. EDTA
A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design Mung
Beauty does not exist. I say its just about accurate conclusions in symmetry. Because of our pride/prejudice we imagine the common mean of anything to be the accurate answer and so invent the status of beauty for that above average mean. Yet beauty is just accuracy and the rest of us are in degrees inaccurate. Nubile models are just more accurate .not special although a minority. Physics is about accuracy in how things work. This accuracy jints/demands at a thinking being. Not chance. randomness and results does not lead to accuracy in symmetry in anything. Beauty is evidence of right answers from right equations from a right conclusion. In short. beauty demands a creator. Robert Byers

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