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Design inference: Is it a Neanderthal flute?


From Discover:

Holes in a Bone: Flute or Fluke?

Many experts believe an approximately 45,000-year-old bear femur could be a flute — the oldest known musical instrument. Ivan Turk discovered the bone in 1995 in Slovenia’s Divje Babe Archaeological Park, among cave deposits containing Neanderthal tools. But is it a hominin-made flute, or just a bone scavenged by ancient hyenas? In Science Smackdown, we let experts argue both sides of the question. More.

Readers? Hear a replica played below.

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If its a flute it means the music must be mimicking their language. Music is just the mimicking of the sounds we use alongside our words, also sounds compressed,. it would mean neanderthals have a fully functioning system of sounds to express themselves and so well that instruments can express their thoughts by simply using their tones of voice. maybe evolutionists don't want the flute to be a neanderthal idea. Think it through evos! Robert Byers
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Could it be flute playing hyenas? Mung

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