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A total Darwin stalwart’s vision for all of us gets unearthed – to suddenly fall down the memory hole?

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If our moral and intellectual superiors have anything to say about it.

New Scientist’s Michael Marshall decided to actually talk about Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton’s horrible eugenics novel (December 5, 2011):

“However, even in this form, it is hard to escape a ghastly fascination with Galton’s vision of a eugenic society. What is most striking is that, in all the tests he envisions people going through before they can breed, nobody is ever tested on their sense of morality. The tests aren’t concerned with whether people are kind, sharing, empathic or cooperative. Apparently, these qualities weren’t as important to Galton’s perfect society as being able to sing in tune or write an insightful essay, both of which are systematically measured.

“In that chilling disdain for emotion and feeling, Galton’s novel presaged the many inhuman horrors of the two world wars to come.”

And the current Darwinist establishment- not that Michael Marshall would have the guts to say it – will help perpetrate the next one.

Hat tip Creation-Evolutoin Headlines.

Anyway, why is there a fascinati0n with this crap?  Maybe a bunch of good talkers are hiding out from real life on some taxpayer/donor public purse?

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