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A Walk Through Nature Part V: Proteins Fold As Darwin Crumbles

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The Spanish Paseos Por La Naturaleza (A Walk Through Nature) series continues with a review of Biologic Institute researcher Douglas Axe’s thesis on the probabilistic barriers that make a neo-Darwinian explanation for the origin of protein folds untenable.  Given his scientific background, Axe is well qualified to argue against the undirected origin of protein structure and convincingly counters those who extravagate over the much-heralded modular transfer of folds between proteins.

The Paseos Por La Naturaleza series aims to further strengthen the global influence that the Intelligent Design movement already enjoys and raise awareness of important academic resources that are today challenging orthodox Darwinism and revitalizing the call for a fresh perspective on scientific discourse.

The fifth installment can be found at:

Como los pliegues proteínicos derrumban el edificio neo-darwinista (see also

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    Phaedros says:

    This comment from on this article is very interesting and important to keep in mind. (It was translated by Google translate so bear with it)

    “For the integration of a system against the natural tendency toward entropy, it is necessary that the system possesses a heritage from the beginning of negentropy in the form of information. Through the continuous supply of free energy from ATP, the information in DNA is duplicated in the same DNA and RNA replication depending on whether cell or cell biosynthesis. The fact is that the wealth of information is preserved and yet very complex structures are integrated also possess negentropy. It all depends on an adequate and continuous supply of free energy. You can be achieved if the structures, as is the case of ribosomes, in the case of the synthesis of proteins, in which to develop the integration process less entropic molecular forms. Likewise, these structures also were integrated based on a previous setting. The struggle of living matter to obtain, maintain and enhance its negentropy depends on the information available free energy and the existence of free energy transformers structures. If any of these three elements, the system disintegrates under the spontaneous and “downhill” of the cosmos into chaos and entropy.

    Are there any known natural processes capable of producing such integration or even a distant resemblance?. The answer is no, that does not involve any planning and monitoring very closely.”

    This touches on a point that I have often thought about and that is that organisms are not just highly ordered, but are also actively working to preserve that order, i.e. against entropy. How, and why (an interesting question for the philosopher :D) would simple matter, even with abundant energy, be capable of accomplishing this?

    The further question of why, personally interesting to me, is this, why does matter “strive” to do this?

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