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A Whole Host of Mechanisms of Directed Mutation

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I’m doing a series of videos on mechanisms of directed mutations that you all may be interested in. I have trouble how there remains adherents to the modern synthesis in light of all of the data to the contrary that has come out over the last 20 years. More videos to come, too.

Biology Roughcuts

Anyway, any comments/criticisms of the video content are welcome, here or on the videos themselves. (note – I don’t care about video *quality* – these are all done live via OBS with extremely minimal preplanning).

Please forgive my puzzlement, but I don't see any way these various mechanisms of directed mutation can actually originate the specific intricate designs of macroevolution - for instance the famous example of the bacterial flagellum. This is a complicated irreducibly complex machine combined with a similarly irreducibly complex assembly and manufacturing system. Its origination clearly seems to have required engineering foresight and creative ingenuity. There may be a number of "directed" mutation mechanisms now identified, but none of them address the mystery of where the creative intelligence required to design and direct these changes came from. Where the considerable amount of complex specified information embodied in this system of systems came from. doubter

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