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Access Research Network

Access Research Network is offering a prize ($50 VISA gift card) for the best response to this question: What do you say to someone when they claim that Intelligent Design is merely an appeal to a god-of-the-gaps?”

Send your response to arn@arn.org

Here’s the January question: How would you would respond to someone who claims that they believe in evolution rather than God? along with the answers and the winner, to give you some idea what they are looking for.

No one’s name is published without their permission.

FYI, here’s the winning answer:

Response 3: What do you mean by evolution? First I would ask whether they mean chemical or biological evolution. Then I would ask them what they mean by evolution… I would say : “My hair colour has changed over time, thus it has evolved. Is that what you mean?” Then, assuming they mean large scale macroevolution, I would ask them about information, and do they understand that DNA is like computer code. Finally, I would ask them whether they believe as they do because of their upbringing and education, or whether they are personally convinced after looking at both sides.

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Hmm. Revised the title, but it got bounced back again. If they want submissions from the general public, they better reset their spam filter. jstanley01
I got an error message when I sent my entry to that email address: "554: 5.7.1 The message from () with the subject of ("God of the Gaps" Contest Entry) matches a profile the Internet community may consider spam. Please revise your message before resending." jstanley01
I am in for this question J. :cool: ET
ET @ 2 You can't win if you don't enter! :D jstanley01
The above winning answer was sort of lame. DNA isn't like a code. The code is the genetic code. The better answer would be the question is a straw man as the two are not mutually exclusive. Extant organisms descended with modification for God's Created Kinds. Then I would ask them to ponder "minds from the mindless via blind and mindless processes" ET
Cool. I'll let you know when I win... :D jstanley01

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