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Turning nature’s design into scientific breakthrough
By Stefanie Olsen
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

Published: March 1, 2006, 4:00 AM PST

. . . Pax’s projects also take a cue from a design theory called biomimicry, coined by Janine Benyus, who wrote a seminal book on the subject in 1997. Biomimicry argues that nature uses only the energy it needs, fits form to function, and recycles everything. So why not design products the same way? . . .


Wonderful article and insight into natures design being transferred by human observation and intuitive conscience development into practical solutions. I must suffer from OCD as spirals have been on my mind for better part of a year. Evidently the inventor was even more obsessed observing whirlpools in his bathtub. Great stuff! This helps confirm some thoughts. It opens wide many more however.... hmmm, more risky. Having followed the picture of the fan to its destination and seeing several beautiful pictures of spirals - the volcano being a surprise. And then the following... http://news.com.com/2300-1008_3-6043858-2.html?tag=ne.gall.pg It has always fascinated me that spiraling eddies in air behave like spiraling whirlpools in rivers and creeks. But what is warming about the particular picture is how the spiraling swirls connected to each other - mimic - spiraling galaxies in the heavens which are colliding. Seeing thru the glass darkly, I've often wondered how the flow of galaxies 'form across time'. Theories all suggest they must be induced by gravitation. With blackholes at the center. For me, it appears as more whirlpools as if we're in a big cosmic flow and the galaxies are a product of either typical air or water like current conditions which may be related to temperature or even the avoidance of objects or the flow around objects. It is just nature conserving its energy like the spirals here on earth that Jay Harman translated into engineered products. Except of course, on a galactic scale. Well.... no science just observations. What is the brilliant breakthrough is the information of energy conservation and the astounding increase in energy savings, plus sound differences. That tells us spiral galaxies conserve energy and possibly 'reduce sound'? hmmmmmmmm.... Michaels7
Glad to see someone is using the incredible aspects of biology to good use! A subfield of biomimicry that fascinates me is biotic modulation Biotic modulation JosephCCampana
I am not sure what this has to do with the design controversy. I suppose it could be tempting to say that systems in nature appear to be designed because of their complexity and efficiency, but in that case I would argue that both of those qualities are ultimately natural and necessary products of the rules of nature and Earth's somewhat ideal situation. ftrp11

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