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Christianity Today: So clueless. So why?


In “Where We Stand: No Adam, No Eve, No Gospel”(June 6, 2011), Christianity Today, tells us, editorially speaking, “The historical Adam debate won’t be resolved tomorrow, so stay engaged.” It is hard to see why, from their performance, that anyone should stay engaged in whatever they have to say about that.

We first noted their “Just up-from-apes” Adam and Eve story in early June. I was heading into the United States with a biophysicist who is a Christian (and has suffered much hatred on that account), and we talked for some time about the problem of Christian “good works” selling out to materialist theory, a problem that greatly concerned him. I wrote about the CT story, and got a swift response from a news editor.

Look, Christianity Today landed the ape-like Adam and Eve on the more serious Christian world. Their editorial is nothing but half-hearted justifications along these lines: Most Christians are backward, non-science ninnies. Enlightened Christians recognize that anyone in a lab coat, spouting numbers, is to be believed.

Most Christians know that’s false. For one thing, our life experience too often contradicts the number-spouting lab coat.

It all felt so weird because I used to write for CT. When I asked around how the editors could possibly get everything so wrong, a number of people quietly intimated to me that CT was no longer a serious Christian mag, just another collection of sellouts to whatever gets funded, by piety if not government. I wouldn’t have believed it, but this whole thing happened, in my lifetime.

Oddly I travelled back part of the way home with a mathematician who had himself dealt with materialist censorship, aimed at supporting free-lunch nonsense.

Beat goes on.

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OT from FOX NEWS: Religion Christian Philosopher William Lane Craig Is Ready to Debate, but Finds Few Challengers http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/08/19/christian-pastor-atheists-debates/ bornagain77
"The complexity of the human genome, we are told, requires an original population of around 10,000." So human beings evolved independently 10,000 times? tragic mishap
"For one thing, our life experience too often contradicts the number-spouting lab coat." Not that I recall. Do you have any examples? Grunty
As for the issue of Adam & eve of Christianity Today, Francis Collins et al, CMI has this to say: http://creation.com/historical-adam-biologos T. lise
They're entitled to their opinion, but why call their magazine Christianity Today if they disagree with Christianity? Someone interested in Christianity might inadvertently pick it up based on the misleading name. Worse, some might read it and think that it's somehow related to Christianity. The Bible can't be both the word of God and a pile of ignorant mythology. And it doesn't invite us to compare it against our enlightened, ever-changing standards to decide which parts are real and which aren't. Instead it warns not to be misled by the philosophies of men which make them feel clever but are actually foolishness. That's where Christianity Today comes in. ScottAndrews
OT: This may be of interest to you Ms. O'Leary, Your Rotary Engines Are Arranged in Factories - August 2011 Excerpt: As if ATP synthase was not amazing enough, a team of scientists in Germany now tells us they are arranged in rows with other equipment to optimize performance. From electron micrographs of intact mitochondria, they were able to detect the rotary engines of ATP synthase and other parts of the respiratory chain. Their diagram in an open-source paper in PNAS looks for all the world like a factory. http://crev.info/content/110817-your_rotary_engines_are_arranged_in_factories Of note: Supplement diagrams and mp4 videos are available with the open source article here: Macromolecular organization of ATP synthase and complex I in whole mitochondria http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2011/08/04/1103621108.abstract http://www.pnas.org/content/suppl/2011/08/08/1103621108.DCSupplemental bornagain77

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